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  1. Hi Patrick The S- series are reliable machines, no question about it. Also true for the UM2+ Connect. We operate them in our print farm. They do however suffer from some hardware and also software issues (can be more specific if you like .. let me know). However, we have lately come to the conclusion that Ultimakers are completely outperformed by the Bambulab X1C in every single aspect. At only a fraction of the cost. So, depending on you build volume requirements, the X1C would certainly be a better choice. Sorry if this seems out of place here. But that is my personal experience. Hope it helps. Cheers Kris
  2. Can confirm this. Out of our 12 UM2C's, four have network issues. Common response from the retailer; we would have to box up the machines and send them in for repair. I suspect a common design/engineering issue. Switching to Bambu Lab.
  3. Hi We operate 16 UM 2 connects in total. 5 of those are impossible to connect to the network. No connection to Cura possible. No matter what we do. This is a hardware/software issue no doubt. Switching to other printer brands cause the problem has persisted for month will Ultimaker not caring. Cheers Kris
  4. Oh, ok. But that used to be different. At least in my experience.
  5. Hi all Quick question: lately I keep having to sign in into Cura 3-4 times until it recognizes the account and associated printers. After a while, Gcode uploading doesn't work anymore. The messages 'Uploading print job to printer' start piling up. I then have to sign out and sign in a few times again (Cura 5.3.1). Not sure if it is an issue that only I have. Cheers Kris
  6. This is great stuff. Would it be possible to print different models sequentially? I was thinking that maybe I could stack manually in the GCode text file. But the UMC safes a binary UFP file which I cannot change manually. Cheers Kris
  7. Thanks. Not an option for this one I'm afraid. But...got mostly rid of it by changing to a Connect. Guess it uses different stepper drivers 😀
  8. Thanks for the reply. That's also what I thought. I also did a high res STL and printed it. Did not improve the behavior. Guess it is a hardware thing. UM2C turns out to be a different story.
  9. Hi I'm sure some of you have also come across this issue. Vertical lines on vertical, 2D curved, surfaces. Can this be overcome (Cura 5.2.1)? I tried a few things: high res STL, max travel resolution & deviation, speed, layer thickness between 0.06mm and 0.1mm. Nothing changed this. I guess it has to do with how the printer approximates the curvature. Cheers Kris
  10. Thank you Mari. That does help. Digital Factory is great, no issues with it. There are basically two reason to use the network: a. a lot of CGodes are written ad hoc, going via the DF slows down the workflow b. occasionally internet connectivity is an issue. Usually not a big deal, but if it happens at a bad time impact on productivity can be a bummer (e.g. if a number of printers need to be started but cannot). But thanks for your reply.
  11. Well you have proven the point. I have spelled out my subjective observation. If you disagree, fine. But would you kindly stop postulating things? Continuously... Because to me, you actually come across as aggressive and utterly intolerant. But never mind; there has been some valuable input now from an official answer, on this not official Ultimaker support channel.
  12. Thanks for the reply. I'm afraid I have tried that solution on several machines. The issue persists with 9 UM2Cs and countless S3s and S5s. But OK, I'll figure it out. BTW, at what point was I not nice? If I feel like things here have changed here, I should be able to mention it. Do not postulate that I'm not being nice, that is indeed rude. I have shared multiple experiences here over the past years coming directly from our print farm. And this has enabled people to improve their machines. And there still are issues (eg. the post I made about the bowden tube issue the UM2C has).
  13. I guess the forum isn't what it used to be...😔
  14. Hi Any idea what happened to print 'print over network' in Cura? Was pretty useful. Cheers Kris
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