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  1. Do you know why this is changed at some point?
  2. No, I want to keep it. Then I see that extrusion is not clogged. Previously, the print head ramped down to print area. Now it just goes down and then moves. I want that it ramps again.
  3. I had to install Cura again to new hard drive. Now, in this version (4.3.0), when printer starts to print and extrudes first some material, the platform comes up and that waste material gets stuck to the nozzle and it drags the waste to print area. Previously, the platform raised up after nozzle was moved to print area. Which setting changes this?
  4. If your DWG is just 2D lines, you can't make it to STL. 3D DWG also exists, but it might be that you can't convert it to STL either. STL is 3D format, which is made of "surface triangles". You need 3D CAD to make STL files. You can't make them with AutoCad 2D. Surface modeling software are also called CAD software. AutoCad is just one CAD software and in this case.
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