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  1. Hey Guys, I have a really strange issue. My UM3 second extruder will not load filament or move filament up it always pushes filment out. Even when i go to "move filament", no matter which way i turn the dial it always pushes filament down. Its very strange and I cant work out why.... I opened up the feeder box and there isnt any issues in there its all clean etc.. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. I run over 10 UM3 machines. Ever since the last update I am having real issues. I have added all the machines to the DF but they keep getting removed. Then they end up getting removed from Cura too. Its TBH driving me nuts. Anyone else having these issues?
  3. £1400 seems like alot given UM3s sell for that. If you are able to come down I will take it off your hands straight away.
  4. do yuo mind just screen grabbing a pic for me? I cant see in cura that being an option anymore. In the old version i remember it but i cant see it in the new one. Big thanks in advance!
  5. you can keep the filament and i will take it today for the asking price.
  6. Is this still for sale? If so i will take it for the UK
  7. Hey Guys, I havent really ever had a need to change my nozzle size before. However recently i have been doing alot of basic block prints (and facemasks) so figured i would swap my 0.4 to a 0.8. I was assuming in Cura i would easily change a setting and it would update all the minor settings but i cant seem to find that. I have changed the layer width but I feel after a test print im going to need to change a whole bunch of other settings from wall thickness to other stuff. Am i missing something? WHat settings do people normally change?
  8. Hey Guys, On one of my UM3 machines i started getting ER18 issues, so i did what i had to do for another machine - reseated the cable, made sure the white cable was pulled down, used a shim etc.. that has always previously worked fine on some of my other machines. But it still didnt fix the issue, so i ordered a new cable and just installed that but im still getting the same issues. What else can I try?
  9. Just the two 0.4 aa cores plus shipping. €120 total?
  10. It's not worth it by the time you pay tax, shipping and insurance.
  11. How much for 0.4 AAs to UK. I will take them.
  12. Thank you. I'm feeling really let down by Ultimaker Team sadly. My printer was working fine before the update now it's screwed...
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