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  1. So, is CURA doing something new or is Windows firewall becoming more effective in blocking snoopware? DLC
  2. You're welcome! We can't always just complain you know. 😀 DLC
  3. Tried twice to install 4.4.0 on my Windows 10 home 64 bit laptop. On startup is freezes at "Loading plugins". The only way to kill it at this point is through task manager and looking at background processes. The install never makes it to showing up on the task bar as a running application. I have installed 4.4 on two other Windows computers (10 Enterprise and 10 Pro) with no issues. Opened a "cmd" window and started it there on command line. It came up after noting that Windows Firewall had blocked some of it. I gave permission for it to run and it started. Now it start
  4. I have CURA 4.3.0 and Octoprint Connect plugin 3.5.9. The plugin has random issues. Often the Monitor page does not show the button to pre-heat the extruder. When a print has been started, CURA will randomly lose connection with the printer. When this happens I have to re-start CURA to "unclog" it so I can start another print. The printer/Octoprint are working fine, CURA just does not connect to the printer. Is there a troubleshooting procedure or any ideas what might be going wrong? Thanks, DLC
  5. Found the problem. Not with CURA, but Marlin. I left USE_ZMIN_PLUG defined. For some reason that added an offset to the first layer. You have been warned. 🙂 DLC
  6. First off, I do not know if this is a Marlin issue or a CURA issue. It may be some interaction. I just updated my delta printer from a VERY old version of Marlin to 1.1.9. I am using CURA 3.6 with both the older version of Marlin and the newer one. After updating to Marlin 1.1.9 I used Pronterface to level the bed and check Z height (I manually level and have EEPROM disabled). Everything looked fine. I then used CURA 3.6 to fire off a print through Octoprint. My CURA settings have the first layer set to 0.18mm. I have changed nothing in CURA nor Octoprint betw
  7. It could very well be that old. I am planning to update this printer, but have not bothered until now because "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". I will try that. DLC
  8. Does this plugin work with non-UM printers? I am using CURA 3.6 currently. Yesterday I installed the available z-offset add-on from "Marketplace". I entered 0.1mm Z offset. My reprap delta printer (Folgertech 2020) homed, moved to the bed and then rose 200mm (or so) and started printing in the middle of the air. The front panel told me it thought it was a 0.1mm. It should have said 0.28mm, .1mm higher than my first layer setting. Currently this printer is running an older Marlin version. It is possible that the g-code was not recognized or perhaps was misinterpreted by t
  9. I use both. CURA has terrible supports, S3D allows infinite customization of supports, angles, connections, specific locations, sizes and densities as well as finish layers. CURA just has, well supports. The support Keep out functionality is clumsy and often does not work, the customized add of supports doesn't work very well either. HOWEVER, the Experimental "tree support" in CURA can work wonders where S3D creates a support mess that cannot be removed, "tree support" can often make a print where the supports just snap off. Dual color support is stupid simple in S3D, and excep
  10. I did this. I used this CURA 4.0 to print on another delta reprap, and it didn't go funky. So there was just something about this model and setup, I think. I will have to re-install the CURA 4.0 and do this model again so that I can capture the 3mf file for analysis. thanks, DLC
  11. Member 0 18 posts Report post Posted Friday at 10:28 AM · Print Exceeds Build Volume in Cura 4.0 I have a very interesting problem on a reprap delta printer. CURA 4.0 on a Windows 10 home computer. I tried to print this Thingiverse thing (The gnoll figure): https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3362465/files with supports. I had no experimental options enabled and had no unusual gcode in the startup preamble (used def
  12. I have not read through the g-code to be certain, but the g-code clearly told the print head to go past the build volume. The same model with S3D worked correctly and the same model and settings worked fine with CURA 3.6. CURA did not warn me that the the head went out of the build volume though. What is really strange though is that my vanilla Marlin firmware would normally refuse to print outside of the firmware established print volume. So, some code was sent that bypasses that safeguard in the firmware. That may provide a hint. I too went back to 3.6. The potential fo
  13. I had a very similar problem on a reprap delta printer. CURA 4.0 on a Windows 10 home computer. I tried to print this Thingiverse thing (The gnoll figure): https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3362465/files with supports. I had no experimental options enabled and had no unusual gcode in the startup preamble (used default CURA). I submitted it through Octoprint to my printer. The preamble executed and the end effector dropped to a 15mm height, then it "wandered" off the build plate and continued to attempt to move far off of the build plate, causing the typical belt-grin
  14. It looks to me like your nozzle is too close to the bed and that your bed isn't quite level - close but not perfect. In this case I would raise the nozzle a little and push more filament out slower on that first layer. Also, typically one doesn't do a width more than 2x the nozzle size. That is canon, so take it with a grain of salt. Like TMicke, says, raise the nozzle, increase first layer flow AND I suggest going a bit hotter on the first level. I use eSun PLA+ quite a bit and I print that at 225, 235 for the first layer with the fan off. Also, I would drop the speed down to 20% of
  15. (I will avoid any feature flame-war comparison with S3D - I use CURA and S3D) Each of these slicers has something that the other one doesn't have. S3D does have useful retraction settings: mm retract, retract speed, coasting (letting filament run out at end of a run without extruding stuff), extra extrude after a retract, wiping,... There may be more, I have used these to great effect to help with blobs and strings. Sometimes what you need to do to correct the issue is not very intuitive... "Over" retracting can cause weird things to happen, under-retracting gets you blobs and s
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