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  1. Cura 2.7 has issues with the Z hop function... 2.5 the Z hop worked for me... I've since just turned it off...i like the function it's a shame it's malfunctioning... but really the answer is to turn it off in 2.7
  2. Does anything change when you up your wall count to say maybe 4?
  3. under the shell setting is your ignore small Z gaps checked? if it is uncheck it and see if that generates the same gaps in the model... also check to be sure your FILL GAPS BETWEEN WALLS is set on EVERYWHERE... possible slice the model at .06 if all else fails and see if it corrects the issue... only problem with that is it will for sure add lots of time to the print.. just grasping at straws here...
  4. I'm not familiar with the software your using either,, but like you said, is there a way you can get into the gcode and set an E value? some distance you can judge and tell it to prime that amount so its all a flowing motion instead of you physically trying to abort.... that will be your best bet or like stated above hard shut off...
  5. I ended up just doing everything one by one... every time I went to create a profile from my settings it just wouldn't work... apparently I was doing something wrong... but I'm good now...thanks for the reply
  6. By any chance is your z hop enabled? I had a issue with z hop on cura 2.7 where the printer would run off the print to start a new layer and would travel back to the print at like 5mm/s causing the nozzle to pressure out alot before it made it back to the print... just a suggestion...
  7. Looking to setup a new printer in cura 2.7 and want to transfer all my settings from my other printer to the new profile... Any possible way of just dragging them over some how? New printer has a larger build volume but uses all of the same settings reliably... seems like a pain to go at it one setting at a time... thanks for any replies
  8. Try the ALL setting as well in the combing... leave the layers turned on like you have and watch to see of any of the settings make the travels moves the way you want..
  9. Check your travel settings... specifically combing.. try using the no skin feature... also check to make sure you have it setup for infill before walls....
  10. Sounds like a great place to start... thank you for the advice... it was strange to me that the software update all of a sudden brought this issue out... I currently have a 4 day tpu print going right now so I'll post my results when I can start a new model... Thanks again and I'll keep you posted
  11. Having an issue with the new cura 2.7... I never had this issue with the 2.5.0 version.... Here is the issue.... cura 2.7 has now found it necessary to build support against the build plate under the models I've printed.... basically it's generating a support built raft under the face of my models.... anyone have any idea as to why? When models are entered into cura they are flat against the build plate.... these particular models need support touching build plate so cura decides it should toss support under the model? If I turn support off it prints just fine right against the build plate as it should.... Before you ask the simple stuff... Yes raft is turned off, and skirt is on, Yes the model is sliced 90 degrees to the build plate, Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any replies....
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