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  1. Hello Sander thank you for your feedback. I am very late on reply due to extreme bussy traveling irt job. I have done a few more prints but other parts that where needed for business. I will come back on this specific issue as soon I can free up some time. thkx alex
  2. Dear all, Thank you for clear feedback. Biggest mistake was indeed to close the cover, im case of PLA and it's rather low Tg no fast cryt. of printed layers could be reached. It made bottom part very irregular as a result. Regarding autoleveling. I see.. This technology has it's limitations due to visual impacting when correcting for tilted surface. I will do some more tests and measure the actual layer thickness changing for better understanding it's visual impact/limitations.
  3. Hello Sander No, I did not use a glue stick or lacquer, hmm that can indeed be the issue in case of the high side walls But this irregular layer thickness is strange...
  4. Hi there, I have printed a senseo cup holder as shown in attached pictures. Using Ultimakers original PLA and PVA and slicing in Cura 3.1 at 150um and 40% infill, rest std. settings as shown in picture. UM3E firmware: The result is somewhat a surprise disappointment - war-page of both rear bottom corners - different layer thickness visible at several locations - some (openings) * Why so much warpage in both rear corners (see one detail of rear left corner) , d wall = 2 mm and I closed front of UM3.. and it is PLA .. ?? * The detail picture of layer build up of right side shows a zone (2) with layer thickness of ca. 300 um , in zone 3 it is the actual 150um as set in Cura * at a height of ca 70mm there is a colour band visible, indicating density change period... tension change on feeding filament or ?? > the total print was done during night time. * Is the filament guiding of material 1 (outer spool) ok ?, It is done as in manual but to me seems a possible unstable setup ..?? (filament stropping ...) Any advise would be great. I did not tinker any setup but the part design is not that complicated or has wall thickness variations that can be troublesome. Thks Alex Gcode file header: ;START_OF_HEADER ;HEADER_VERSION:0.1 ;FLAVOR:Griffin ;GENERATOR.NAME:Cura_SteamEngine ;GENERATOR.VERSION:3.1.0 ;GENERATOR.BUILD_DATE:2017-12-05 ;TARGET_MACHINE.NAME:Ultimaker 3 Extended ;EXTRUDER_TRAIN.0.INITIAL_TEMPERATURE:205 ;EXTRUDER_TRAIN.0.MATERIAL.VOLUME_USED:77407 ;EXTRUDER_TRAIN.0.MATERIAL.GUID:506c9f0d-e3aa-4bd4-b2d2-23e2425b1aa9 ;EXTRUDER_TRAIN.0.NOZZLE.DIAMETER:0.4 ;EXTRUDER_TRAIN.0.NOZZLE.NAME:AA 0.4 ;EXTRUDER_TRAIN.1.INITIAL_TEMPERATURE:100 ;EXTRUDER_TRAIN.1.MATERIAL.VOLUME_USED:10871 ;EXTRUDER_TRAIN.1.MATERIAL.GUID:fe15ed8a-33c3-4f57-a2a7-b4b78a38c3cb ;EXTRUDER_TRAIN.1.NOZZLE.DIAMETER:0.4 ;EXTRUDER_TRAIN.1.NOZZLE.NAME:BB 0.4 ;BUILD_PLATE.INITIAL_TEMPERATURE:60 ;PRINT.TIME:57742 ;PRINT.SIZE.MIN.X:9 ;PRINT.SIZE.MIN.Y:6 ;PRINT.SIZE.MIN.Z:0.27 ;PRINT.SIZE.MAX.X:213 ;PRINT.SIZE.MAX.Y:207 ;PRINT.SIZE.MAX.Z:116.97 ;END_OF_HEADER ;Generated with Cura_SteamEngine 3.1.0
  5. Hello there, I have the UM3E since 2 day's and it does have the same sound. if you touch the Z axis rod close to bottom where stepper engine is attached you will feel this ticking is origine from this stepper. I have no idea if it is normal or not, but sounds a bit weird indeed.
  6. Hello This is my first print with UM3E it is an i-drain hair filter . I am, amazed about this part finish (ABS in 0.1mm layer) and dimensional accuracy... A big shift from a home made Prusa I3 clone to this tool.
  7. Hello, I am planning to do my 1st print on new UM3 loading the ultibot demo file that is on the supplied USB stick and it gives an error message. print setup disabeled and when sending the print to printer it wants to assign both extruders to null material?? old gcode file or?....
  8. Hello, I am planning to do my 1st print on new UM3 loading the ultibot demo file that is on the supplied USB stick and it gives an error message. print setup disabeled and when sending the print to printer it wants to assign both extruders to null material?? old gcode file or?....
  9. Btw do all my posts continue to be under review for approval ...??
  10. Well, Today I made up my mind and bought a UM3 ext. after visiting a demonstration shop of UM, Raise3d and Zortrax. Looking forward starting experimenting with PVA infill with this fine piece of craftsman ship. But the first parts to print will be some hinges and lock for an acrylic front door and top cover. They also sell these as addon but pricing was out of resonable range. thkx for the various advises! Looking forward to join the Ultimaker users group
  11. Thank you all sofar with your valuable comments. Not an easy straight forward situation. I think the UM2+ is actually the best printer for accurate small parts but then it fails the option to use soluble infill.... strange issues on Raise like fan control etc, Such options are rather basic.... The no lifting option of second extruder and missing auto leveling of it is more of a worry for a printer in this price range.... How does it reach a 10um layer resolution in Z direction is a question to me? Regarding pricing of UM3 there is no discount indeed, but if the printer is actually delivering as promised that is fine. but a lot of tweaking seems to be done to get good looking parts on the expense of dimensional accuracy.
  12. Very Interesting remarks... When one needs to print accurate parts it seems better to buy a UM2+ ... ?? But how to deal with soluble infills ??
  13. a Good Day, I am in final stage of deciding to buy a new printer and the choice is shifting between UM2+, UM3 or the raise3D N2 dual. I know you can't just compare them one on one as they have specific advantages in different aspects. I do not mind to tamper with mechanics and electronics. But, I have a straight forward question. Due to its retractable nozzle, cap. levelling and build quality I am more shifting to the UM3, but it's build height is a bit limited. the UM3 extended is requesting a bit too high level of investment... I am not aiming at printing large parts, but rather small engineering parts and the combination with the soluble PVA has my strong interest. But, The UM3 has been launched end of Oct 2016 so now 1 year ago and I can't really find a lot of strong positive review or community activity on it.. Is this printer really bringing the best on accuracy and consistency in printing as it is marketed! - can it print ABS + PVA as soluble ? - are 0.25 nozzle adaptors actual available ? I guess a lot of people on this forum are maybe biased but it is very difficult to get good objective feedback. Here are maybe a lot that are using the UM3 or you have good experience with Raise3D N2 Thank you for your feedback
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