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  1. I am looking to buy a few Ultimakers. I am really wanting the 2+, but can upgrade the standard 2 if the price is right. Let me know if anyone is selling theirs or not.
  2. I now have 5 um2+ machines that I really need filament monitors on each one. I am going to reach out to you to see if your still going to do this or not. Other wise I will find a different way to get this done on my machines.
  3. Any updates on this? I would still like to get 3 of these, and maybe even a 4th or 5th because i plan on getting a few more um2+'s in the near future.
  4. Z seam question: Anyoneknow if there is a setting that will only change the outer most wall to be random? If I have many inner walls, it will do a random start and stop for each wall which wastes time, and more stringing with petg. I don't want to see the z seam on the part, but I would think there would be a way to only have it go to random starts and stops on the outside wall.
  5. I have found out already that's it seemed like my settings weren't changing. You have to hit enter every time you make a setting change!!
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