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  1. This is great. What Filament were you using?
  2. She looks wonderful! I'm a sucker for a red-head 🙂
  3. Actually thy were all my design, aside from the solid ones either side of the big one which is "Christmas Tree Spiral Ornament" by Mistertech on thingiverse. Im working on a star at the moment for the top of the tree. Do you guys print christmas decorations?
  4. Thanks! Here it is alongside some other 3D printed decorations...
  5. So, after a week or so learning the ins and outs of the S5, I finally pulled the trigger (pressed the button) on my first 24 hour print. It's intended to be a Christmas lamp, and will soon be filled with lights/a bulb. I'll post another pic when it's finnished Modelled in siemens NX and printed at 0.2 with Inofil pro1 white fillament. (tough PLA)
  6. I have exactly 0 ideas what to do with that.... help?
  7. this just solved my problem of monitoring when i'm away from home. thanks so much!
  8. i don't think this is worth starting a new thread for so ill post it here if you don't mind... what is this...??? it was in the accessories box for my S5.
  9. Its Here!! A couple of days delay due to the Courier screwing things up but all arrived safe and well!! Setup was an absolute breeze!! I had started the test print within 30 minutes of it being in the office. The user interface on the S5 really guides you through everything just like a smartphone app! The first prints came out Great!!! i had assumed that there would be some teething issues or learning curve, but the printer has performed flawlessly so far! A Couple of over night prints, and a couple of smaller projects through the day. Its just so easy to us
  10. Thanks @SandervG! Yes i will be sure to do that! Unfortunately the courier has notified me that they are going to be a day late, so i must wait until tomorrow! I have looked at the materials, and im particularly interested in printing with the more Engineering oriented materials such as Nylon and carbon filled filaments. Its for this reason i have the 0.6CC core and the Accante cover coming with the machine. The Owens Corning filaments also look very exciting, and i already have a sample to try out :)
  11. Thanks Smithy! Ill probably post a few pics of it up and running. Excited isn't even the word!!!
  12. Greetings All!!! My Ultimaker S5 arrives tomorrow, so i thought this would be a good time to introduce myself! Im Darren, Technical Director of ScanHD, based out of Brighton in the UK. ScanHD specialise in Laser scanning and Reverse Engineering of Components and assemblies. Most of our work comes from the Automotive and Aerospace sectors, but we also do work in heritage motorsport and product design, amongst other areas. We are usually called in when drawings can no longer be accessed or have been lost for a part, and we take said part, and reverse engineer it. We not o
  13. The software is Geomagic. Its primarily for reverse engineering/modelling purposes, but its a very powerful mesh editing suite in its own right. If you can find some way to get it to me, id be happy to try and run it through and see what i can do with it.
  14. To maintain as much detail as possible you could run it through an optimisation operation. This reduces the triangle count only in areas that have little/no curvature, whilst maintaining the count in high curvature areas. This is the best way i know to reduce file size with minimum impact on detail.
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