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  1. Thanks for your personal statement. But i think you probably not going for the best result for every (technical) part you can get. That's fine. Not everyone has the same needs. And of course there are many Apple style users that like to power up and use it as it appears. But for me as an engineer i like to know every detail of what my machine is doing so i can tweak it for my needs. Special PLA, faster printing, stronger models, specific quality requirements are one of those. But as already sead, if Ultimaker keeps aiming for Apple style then this brand will loss me as an customer. I will find
  2. Your right. But fact is it covers the same complainment. If Ultimaker keeps aiming for "No hassle" "Plug and play" "Every moron can print if he is able to push an button and don't care about engineering" then, Ultimaker is not making the products that fits my needs and i will get to another brand. Sure there will be enough cavemans that like to 3D print, but i like to engineer stuff. Not just print funny toys that are nice to watch.
  3. #metoo Ultimaker disappointed me too with there Apple style approach of GUI's. We are engineers! We have to deal with technical systems. As ZD3D calls it, not with toys. An simple temperature indication would have safe me an hour on finding out the wrong profile was selected for some part. Feed-rate an speed are also not that hard to plot on the GUI. And maybe it's the lake of processing power for the display but the "fade" effect between selection and menus is on addition of the poor rotary button extremely toy feeling. Please give us tools to work with. Not a toy with one play button!
  4. This is the hole reason i would like to force people to NOT use the Imperial units and/or mix it with the metric system. It will result in mistakes and failures. Just a few examples: https://chem.libretexts.org/Bookshelves/Analytical_Chemistry/Supplemental_Modules_(Analytical_Chemistry)/Quantifying_Nature/Units_of_Measure/Metric%2F%2FImperial_Conversion_Errors I think the Imperial unit are so dumb that it needs to be ban all over the world till it is erased from history. Smart people who are grown up with Imperial units hate it too but acknowledge that they are infected with it an
  5. @Brulti True, but it makes an good argument of not implementing such request in Cura.
  6. I understand it must be a hard time for you guys. But keep using the Imperial system (Which cannot be named a system given the fact that there are no any logical correlation between units!), will make it even harder. The mordern world is build on relaiable standards that everybody use. You may already noticed i write this in English. That is the given standard for international communication. The Metrical system is the given standard for international measurements. I think the Imperial system is an tumor of the standardization of measurement. Feeding it will make it an even greater problem.
  7. Let me make clear i really appreciate the effort you put into such plugin. It probably takes a lot of time and it really adds value to Cura 4.0. But i try to make an statement to the Cura UI designers that are aiming for "easy" use instead of "advanced" / "practical" use. Again i appreciate your plugin and certainly will use it. Thank you for that.
  8. For high speed user like me it's very annoying that panes, drop lists and every other ui item fades in and out. It blocks the speed of my workflow. Lucky i'am able to turn this off in Windows and my custom rom of Android. However i notice some ui elements in Cura 4.0, like the print settings, are still performing an fade like behavior. Is this a feature or just a slow ui?
  9. @ahoeben Why make a fix for something that can be made correct the first time. I think a good compromise will be an "Easy" and "Advanced" layout. "Easy" for all people who like shiny and basic look with three click print setup. "Advanced" for all engineers that needs to get thinks done!
  10. Thank you for all the effort you guys put into this new release of Cura 4. Beside all new technical features, which are great, the new interface is not. Everything looks designed as of it needs to be "easy of use for every moron in the world". But i hope Ultimaker can imagine most of their customers are not businessman in three-piece suit who like to 3D print with only three mouse clicks away. No we are engineers who want to tune endlessly to get the best out of our 3D printer. An compact and "technical" design fits within such demand. Please think about the following recommendations i
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