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  1. @Roli4711 I've reached out to you for more detailed information
  2. @Bundle Thank you for your feedback. You explained to me that the situation you reported was for Ultimaker PLA, aborted while printing, based on the usual park position it was clearly higher up in the Bowden tube and the delay in extrusion for the following print was excessive (missed the skirt and started extruding already in the part section). It is indeed not expected that PLA creates a long tip after a print is aborted. It is one of the materials that creates the better deprime tips actually. Such delayed extrusion is not expected under normal circumstances. Sounds
  3. @icbm thank you for your report. 1. I'm glad you fixed the lift-switch issue. That was indeed going to be our suggestion to troubleshoot that problem. This should allow you to properly start your prints without running into the "nozzle offset" warning message. 2. We had a similar issue in previous versions that would happen at low occurrence. On 5.8.1 however we haven't seen it happen again. If you run into this again please let us know and share the logs for the occurrence so we can investigate. Creating an error report on our Service channel would be the preferred app
  4. @ardynamics, I'm sorry to hear that. Situations like the one you just described should not be common. Once again, if you identify a situation that consistently lead you to this problem, can you elaborate on the steps to reproduce and share the logs with us? It would be valuable for Ultimaker if you can create a Hardware Ticket on our Support Platform. https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=36000051636 Could you also answer the following questions? Are you using Ultimaker or 3rd Party Materials? By "did not unpark" do you mean
  5. At the moment there are no changes in the display to differentiate between a material loaded "all the way" into the print core or "parked" above the print head. The only situation where the filament tip is visible above the printcore (and not unloading back to the material station) while connected through blue lines in the display is when the material is parked. Have you tried printing with the materials in that position or did you pre-emptively unloaded them prevent that potential problem? As mentioned in the header of this thread, there may be some circumstances where visua
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