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  1. I've just spent nearly 3h trying to start a print and getting the famous "The difference between height of both print cores exceeds realistic value". Actually it worked the first time, but the print did not succeed due to no filament flow (using original and new Ulitmaker Tough PLA - already has signs of grinding...). The next 30-so times it did not work, mostly failing both heads, sometimes only one (i.e. the bed movement stops a few mm before touching the head). I have cleaned the glass (plus the alu bed below) and the sensor, twice recalibrated the bed z offset, recalibrated the heads switc
  2. It's been roughly 1h since I try to start a simple print on S5. This time the issue is (again...) is the famous nozzle offset test's "difference between height of both print cores exceeds realistic value". I'd say 15 to 20 % of prints do not start for one reason or another (the attempt before current ones the print started but had no filament flowing...). So I now have a habit of staying next to the printer till the print starts (which takes up to 10 min...). By the way - this dual extrusion sensor problem is due to the fact that the printer is stubborn about having both heads installed e
  3. Please add this feature - with a warning pop-up if necessary. I've just accidentally started a print in Cura (no warning pop-up here...) before finalizing print settings; I've aborted it straight away but nevertheless I now need to move my but to the printer's location (at work, and I'm at home) just to press a button (well - a touchscreen)... For a 5-6k $/€ printer (S5) that's a pretty huge annoyance.
  4. Well, I have to say I had my share of problems with S5 as well (not pro bundle though): - I sometimes had the 2nd problem, since a while it is working fine. - I got a series of failures during the print prep / offset between heads check - the bed would not go high enough to touch the heads, even tough the bed was properly leveled. It eventually disappeared after many restarts of the printer and head changes back and forth. Maybe it was the bed glass surface being dirty? - w/o the material station, the spools are in the center of back wall, a bit far away fro
  5. Hi, So I just tried to print with a brand new Ultimaker PC using default Cura 4.8 settings (Engineering 0.15) with an AA 0.4 head. Ok, I did modify two things: I enabled blob and disabled brim (since the print has a large bottom surface). I used a liquid paper glue for adhesion. I priinted with doors closed and with an extraction fan in the hood (not very powerful though). The issues are (see attached pics): - "hairs", some of them burned (I used this head for tough PLA before - can that be the reason?); there are even hairs in the fan! - relatively poor surface quality - p
  6. Thanks for your suggestions gr5. I've tried it (no bed heating, 0.2 layer height, open doors and an extraction fan in the plexi hood), but unfortunately the results seems to be similar (see attached picture). The material (both black and white prints) is Innofil3D Pro1 (a tough PLA), but I had similar results previously with Ultimaker's tough PLA. We just bought an external humidity controlling spool box and will use it along with a new (well, an old but never unpacked) roll of Ultimaker PVA and try to print with support. Or... I will just add "fins" on the "bottom side"
  7. Hi, Would someone have an idea how to print the attached stl so that it would not bend (see attached pictures)? It is a half of a tapered cone (a helix antenna reflector). I try to print it without support because the surface quality is really important (and dual extrusion with PVA is always messy on the S5 I am using). The attached stl is meshed with low "resolution" to reduce the file size for posting here. Half_cone_3.81_low_res (Meshed).stl
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