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Plugin to replace the extrusion g-code with my laser on/off function M126,M127)

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Hi, looking to get up and running using the cura software for my 3d printer. Its a uv resin curing printer so uses a laser to cure the solution as it rises from the vat.

My problem is that when i generate g-code its creates it as to think there is Extrusion happening, but what i need to do is replace this with my laser function (M126 on) and (M127 off) through out the entire code. how would this be achieved?

I have read about people creating a plugin for it or writing a script for it but i would not know how to do that. Any advise or where to go would be great.

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thanks for the reply guys. i think the problem here is the lack of open socure software to do this, and that my knowledge is limited has its restrictions. Thank you labern, i will massage him and see can he help me out. this project is draging out on me and would really like to get it finished.

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