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Forum down due to maintenance October 11th

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Dear friends,

Due to maintenance and updates on our website the forum will be down tomorrow from 9am CEST until approximately the end of the day. We will do our best to keep it as short as possible. Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

When in need for support our partners and their dedicated support teams are ready to help and we will also be available for you through our twitter and facebook accounts.

When back online we will make sure to send out a notification through twitter. Make sure to follow us if you want to stay up to date.

Have a good day!

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Hi @Sinner, thank you for your reply.

I'm sorry to hear you are in need of support and haven't received the help yet which you desire. I would be happy to help you or if necessary, get you in the proper direction of where you can find the help you need. Our customers have always been, and will always be the center point for all we do here at Ultimaker. Our apologies if you have experienced this differently up until this date.

If you could send me a direct message (click on my name, go to my profile and select send message) and share with me some details like when and where you bought your Ultimaker, what channels you have tried so far and what your problem is that will help me determine what the best next step would be.

Depending on the specific nature of your issue, I will make sure you get the help you need.

Once again, our apologies for the inconvenience so far.

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Hi Wisar, thank you for your message and sharing your thoughts.

You certainly have a point in saying that the timing might not be ideal. At any given moment of the day users interact on our platform so timing is never really good for that matter. Due to planning and time restraints we can not permit ourselves the flexibility to fully schedule this maintenance to, for example, the weekends alone. What maintenance that could be done during the weekend / behind the scenes has already carefully been executed.

We'll try to make it swift but it would be safe to assume it will take most of the (working) day tomorrow. Hopefully, you will agree with me when we are all back online that it was worth the wait :)

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I see in the previous message, that this message will not be visible until the moderator has reviewed it, so I hope I can simply express my concern a bit deeper ...

without offending anyone.

This is a follow up on my previous message ...

Yesterday I was in the makerpoint store in Harlingen. I asked about the dual extruder solution, different materials, difference between um2+ and builder3d ...

They told me they were up-to-date with new developments, just visited some training. The advice was: um2+ is the way to go. Who am I to counter the advice of the expert? So, I followed the advice.

Before I made the purchase decision I sent an email to ultimaker, with exact this question. Is there, or will there be a dual extruder solution?

Miss Zena responded, nothing I can tell you ... "Op het moment zijn ze druk bezig om de website te updaten, dus is mijn advies om later op de dag of morgen er even naar te kijken."

The forum message title even says: Site down for maintenance ....

No message like: today the website is updating for a new announcement or something along those lines.

So I continued my pursue of buying. I transfered the money today ... the printer is expected to arrive tomorrow.

Now, the new website is up...

On the new announcements of "the new Ultimaker" it shows prints done with dual extruder .... (seperate support material) ... gosh .... this hurts!!

I really look forward to working with a UM machine ... for me it is a big investment for years to come. Something is making me really feel bad about the timing of it all.... to me, it seems clear, based on the announcement, that it would have been wiser to wait another 6 days ....

Could you please be so kind and advice me on this matter?


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Yesterday I purchased a UM2+. While the site was maintenance today, I made payment via bank wire ... Now I see this announcement, "the new ultimaker" et all ....

You can probably imagine my concern ... did I really buy the right machine?

I did not even receive the UM2+ yet.

Please advice on what to do.


Hi @Pablo0515, thank you for your message and welcome to the community :) Well, in any case you have bought a great reliable 3D printer, the Ultimaker 2+, with a superb track record. So in no way have you made a mistake in buying it.

Of course, I understand your concern.

First of all, you should ask yourself if the Ultimaker 2+ offers you what you want from a 3D printer, for what you are going to use it for. If it is, you should feel safe and happy with your purchase.

If you are not sure or if you can not resist the urge of first wanting to know what will be launched on October 18th, you should have the flexibility with your reseller to cancel/return your order before you have opened it after delivery. (Or maybe you can even cancel the order before they ship it out).

That way, you will have all information presented and you can make an educated decision on which machine you get. But in any case, the Ultimaker 2+ will remain to be an excellent 3D printer that should offer you lots of joy and innovation.

In regard of the advice you received, offering a feature like dual extrusion does not automatically place one machine above the other, if that is a worry of yours. There are different ways to do this and they influence the user experience in a different way (not all are equally reliable). For example, one can be more suited for dual color, others for dual material. And of course different ways on how to implement it, with different pros and cons. It has proven to be a difficult feature. I wouldn't say you got bad advice and I am pretty sure we'll be able to sort it out for you. Depending on what you want, after reading the above :)

Feel free to contact your reseller and they should support you in which path you prefer to take.

Good luck!

ps; I will remove your phone number from your message to protect your privacy. Just in case.

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Been trying to get back on the Forum using Ie 11, it don't work get to login and then nothing,, Sent two emails to UM did bother replying.. booted up the Edge in Windows 10 to get on

Hi Bob, thank you for your message. I have seen one other report for IE11 where there were difficulties logging in. Our apologies for the inconvenience. I have send a request to check for any complications in IE11.

Not happy to hear you haven't received a reply to your emails. Where did you send an email to?

Thank you!

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