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How do I convert from metric to standard in Cura?

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Posted · How do I convert from metric to standard in Cura?

I'm detecting elder abuse! I'm an old tool and die maker. I've been using Cubify Design that will create in inches or Millimeters. Us old guys know the entire scale of 1/64 to 1" in 64's (at least I did). I can look at a size and guess the dimension fairly close, so a 5/16" diameter is how many mm? I have to do the conversion from .312 divided by .03937 or .04.

Designing in inches is easy, but designing in mm requires constant mental conversions.

So, just in case you didn't understand why us fossils have not changed to mm - now you know.

There is a big benefit of using both mm and inch when it comes to screws. If a threaded hole is stripped out you can probably find a size in between and save the part.

I'll close with the industrial revolution was in inches, courtesy of England.

Thanks for writing the plugin - I'll try it out! I've got Cura V2.7.0 and 4.2.1 loaded.

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