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Using Ngen 3 to produce transparent features

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i have had soime problems getting good transparency from my printed parts on the ultimaker 3.i have been using the ultimaker 3 with colorfabb ngen in an open office enviroment

The intial settings where, temp-235 which i decreased in stepsdown to 220. this improved result but stayed more white than transparent. plate temp at 70 intially but heated to 80 by the final attempt.

flow rate-130%, fan 50% tried with and without.layer height intially 0.08mm but in final attempt 0.16mm. printed at 40mm a second. despite playing with these settings i cannot get a satisfactory transparency.

does anyone have any different suggested settings to print at?

. i also have the HT from colorfabb which i will try tomorrow.

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@iRoberti had good luck with some material. Not ngen though. Not sure which material but he got amazing transparency. Maybe try to message him? He's not been active on the forum for about a year but give ti a shot. I talk to him every day (but not through the forum). So if he doesn't reply after a day let me know. I'll send him a link to this topic now...

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HT is what I used to get my results. You need heat, slow speed, thin layers and preferably a bigger nozzle (0.8 nozzles just came out for the UM3 so that's sorted).

One issue with the thin layers and high temp is that you get buildup of material on the nozzle. It then burns and starts flaking off into the print leaving brown marks all over. I was using an UM2+ at the time and designed a little arm that holds a wire brush. I then created a plugin that makes the head move over to the brush and clean it off every few layers.

And then after all that you need to polish the crap out of the print. Wet sandpaper followed by a polishing wheel with polishing paste is what I used.

I posted one of my prints at the link below. I made a few more prints after that where I improved the result slightly but I never bothered taking any pics of that.


I also gave nGen a try but didn't have much luck with it. It got cloudy quite quickly as soon as the print got up to a height where the heat from the bed wasn't contributing as much.

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