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Cura Feature Suggestion: Highlight differences between stored profile and override values

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So, as I was looking around in Cura, trying to understand and fix some problems I had when printing, I noticed the little star in the 'Profile' menu, that tells you 'Some setting/override values are different from the values stored in the profile. Click to open profile manager.'

Which is good when you're trying to troubleshoot printing problems.

Except than, when you click to open the profile manager, all it gives you is the default values for the profile selected, it doesn't tell you which of the current values are different from the default values.

It would be very helpful to have the differences being highlighted, so we know can easily find what they are among the many settings we can change in Cura.

Thank you.

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Hi, there is a little symbol which is shown next to a setting if the value has been changed. However, I find it tedious to scroll through all the settings looking for the little symbols. What I would like is to have a button that, when pressed, pops up a dialog that shows the settings that have changed and what the previous and current values are - in fact, just like the dialog you get when you try to switch profile with unsaved changes to the current profile.

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That would also be a quite good idea, and it would make it so much easier to find out what was changed.

Or, if we have to keep the scrolling, at least make the changes pop much more, since the little symbol is just barely noticeable. Highlight the changes in red or something, for example.

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