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I have a short question about the possibility to modify the existing Fans on the UM2+ (Extended) (bought January 2016) printhead. I have read multiple threads bout it and now I'm kind of confused.

As far as I know, the small cooling fan (which turns on when the Printhead has like 40°C) is 5V.

Can I replace it with that one (which is bigger): https://www.digikey.de/product-detail/de/delta-electronics/AFB03505HA-A/603-1273-ND/2560397 ?

The other two cooling fans are (as far as I know) 12V. I have read, that they may have been updated to 24V - don't know if thats true. If I'm right and they are 12 V, can I replace them with these:https://www.digikey.de/product-detail/de/delta-electronics/BFB0412HHA-A117/603-1840-ND/5022816 ?

I think that are the ones used in this mod.

Thanks in advance.

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Yes the part cooling fans can be upgraded.

One of mines went out. They are 12v wiring in series.

I got 24v and wire them normally. Works great.

The hotend fan is a 5v 25mmx7mm fan.

A bigger one one fit in that space, but if you made an adapter you might be able to get it in there. And it has to stay 5v or it wont work.

I do no know the amps of the board but i am willing to guess its between 1-2amp on the 5v power.

And 2-3amp max on the 24v

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You need to make sure the fans support PWM otherwise you can't control their speed.

Half true.

The output of the board (atlest on my um2ex) does 0-24v. So when changing the fan speed it changes the voltage.

Most fans will run on a small range of voltage.

So a 24v fan might be able to run from 19v-24v giving it maybe a 70%-100% fan speed.

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