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Introducing Cura Connect, new and free print management system

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Cura is frequently being updated with new features and possibilities, but rarely with features of this value. Today Cura Connect is made available to all of our Ultimaker 3 and Ultimaker 3 Extended users, whether you just got your machine or you already have one for a year.

Cura Connect is our print management system, which is aimed to make your life easier. It enables you to control and monitor a group of prints you have configured through Cura. Thus providing an efficient production solution for your office, studio or work space.

Just like Cura itself, Cura Connect will receive continuous upgrades over time. But it is already a powerful tool to help you streamline your workflow.


  • Spread the workload. Print jobs are shared between a group of Ultimakers through a centralized queue. When one printer is occupied, other scheduled jobs are assigned to available printers with a similar configuration in the group.
  • Flexible scheduling When a print is completed Cura Connect will send you a notification. After removing the print the next print job in line will print automatically.
  • Prioritize print jobs as needed Since there is one centralized queue, there is a clear hierarchy. A new print job has a higher urgency? Just move it up the line!
  • Prepare for the settings you need No need to slice your prints for a specific printer. Cura Connect will find the printer in your group with matching configuration (print cores, materials). If it can't, it will ask you to set it up when a printer is free.


But there is more!


  • Scale up your operations Group multiple printers with a matching configuration into one group. Each group will have its own centralized queue. If you want to expand your operations later, it is easy to add or remove printers from existing groups.
  • Maintenance Cura Connect monitors your printers and schedules maintenance tasks to keep your hardware in the best condition, eliminating problems down the line.
  • Notifications Browser notifications will update you about a job's status. Printer frame lights notify you when a printer needs attention by dimming its light.
  • Ready for the future Thanks to the embedded system and Wi-Fi connectivity of the Ultimaker 3, new software updates will continuously offer you new features, empowering your 3D printing experience further.


It may also be good to know that installing Cura Connect requires no server, no extra software and no complicated setup. Install the latest Cura, update the firmware on your Ultimaker 3 (Extended) and you are good to go!

A few tips for the early bird:


  • When setting up your first group, think about how it would work best for you. Are various printers spread over a larger work floor? Then you may want to group some based on location. Try to match as many printers with a similar configuration for the smoothest experience
  • Within a group, one printer will be the host. This host will forward print jobs to all other printers in that group. If you are going to include Ultimaker 3's and Ultimaker 3 Extended's into the same group, make sure the Ultimaker 3 Extended is the host. Although if possible, you may want to group your printers with the same build volume too.
  • And the best tip of all, before you start make sure to read the manual :)


Let us know what you think, as always we're eager to hear your feedback!

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This looks quite nice, although, as someone who has only one printer right now, I do regret the fact that CURA doesn't automatically change the material when we change the spool on the printer, especially with Ultimaker sppolls that are recognized via the NFC.

It was very useful for me, and saved me time from having to do it manually when I'm doing dual printing, and also saved me from having the printer throwing a fit because there's a mismatch between Cura and the printer.

Any way you could put back the auto update for those of us who have only one printer? I understand why it's not really useful nor practical when you have several printers, but when you have only one, it's a time-saver.

Thank you.

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Any way you could put back the auto update for those of us who have only one printer? I understand why it's not really useful nor practical when you have several printers, but when you have only one, it's a time-saver.

I have one UM3 and the queueing + auto printing system alone is worth the upgrade, I've never printed so much in one evening after installing the firmware update.

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