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Changing fill % at 3 different different levels

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I am new to using CURA from Simplify3D. I want to print 4 of these dogbones from PP and 4 from PC. I am testing the adhesion strength between 2 shell layers. Therefore, I want to print the top and bottom at 100% infill (which will be attached to the tensile test grips) and keep the middle section hollow (0% infill) with 2 shells. I have attached the CURA file. 


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UM3_Dog bone.3mf

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You can do what @Dim3nsioneer suggests as it will work on all versions of Cura. I am playing with the new 3.2 beta (Which, other than a few oddities, is quite stable in my experience) and created the file here for you to look at if you install the 3.2 beta. It is using a new way of modifying the infill and is very flexible. No counting layers and very intuitive in that you should be able to follow what I did. Just select the top and bottom boxes, go to per model settings and choose the "Mesh Type/Modify infill setting of other models" and then choose the infill for that object. It will modify the infill where it overlaps the other models. I just made the bottom box to fit the bottom (A guess of where you would want it) and then cloned the box and moved it up.


I do have automatically drop model to buildplate disabled to facilitate such operations.




Does the job nicely :)


edit: Does require 3.2 beta to function.

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clarification of program version to use. and...typelexia....

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