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Tom Zurich

Toolpath precision / accuracy of gcode-output

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Dear Everybody

I am working with a very rough ceramics extruder - 6mm nozzle size, quite big objects. (up to 1x1x1 m)

Is there any possibility to set precision / roughness of cura s g-code output ?


i would love to have / or search something like a

  • "minimum gcode step length" setting.
  • "maximum toolpath deviation" setting

i would love to have smaller file sizes, less lines of gcode, bigger steps / distances between each G01 position.


( I know i can downsample the input .stl, but still cura will perform offset calculation for each slice / layer. )


Or is there any filter / plug-in that allows to access the geometrie data before g-code is generated / exported ?


thanks for your support.


best from Zürich / Switzerland





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What's wrong with "downsampling"?  It's very easy to do and will make slicing go faster as well.  I've used meshlab to decimate and it's easy, quick, and gives good results.




What you ask for I believe is hard coded into the slicer.  I don't think it's a setting.  You'd have to recompile the "engine" (the c++ code) I think.

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(downsampling doesn t do the best / entire job)



Dear gr5

- thanks for your fast reply - but downsampling the input mesh-data will not do the optimum reduction.

if the triangles or quads of the initial mesh are sliced close to vertices - the slicing result will have very short segments - nearly identical points.

the offset of this polyline then might even have smaller segments.

i am searching to filter those points / segments with a certain tolerance / deviation (for me 0.1 to 0.5mm would be great).

thanks again




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@ahoeben or @smartavionics or @ghostkeeper - I believe if a line segment is super short cura just discards it at some point.  Is there a way to set the tolerance of which line segments are discarded.  The picture above is - well really really good at explaining why this user wants to remove points and because he uses a 6mm nozzle (large scale printing) he wants to increase the existing threshold of what is discarded.

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