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UM2+ Underextrusion/not extruding problem

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Hey everyone!

I have just upgraded the gear feeder of my UM2 with the one of the UM2+, following the instructions on the website using cura i have changed the firmware of the 3D printer with that of the UM2+. Now the 3D printer has a lot of problems, when i'm printing i have a lot of underextrusion, i'm using a 0.8mm extruder and a PLA filament (form futura - Frosty White) at 210°, when i begin the print i need to modify the flow of the filament from the tune menu on the 3D printer boosting it at 150% but it has a lot of problems when there are a lot of retractions. 

Sometimes the problem is bigger and it actually doesn't print, the flow of the material isn't enought and it just leave some plastic spot on the printing plate. I have checked the ptfe and the nozzle, both are fine and the filament dont slip in the gear feeder.

Someone whith the same problem ? suggestions ?



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Lol that is a shame, I thought I would spot the answer if there was a difference. I have no idea what your print speed is nor you layer height (they would be useful to know), but it did strike me that with a 0.8mm nozzle then 210 may be cool and if it were then increasing your flow would just make it worse not better. Also whwite is the worst ccolour to print with so it would be good to try another colour. BUT it would be good to know your print and layer height settings; if the drive system is 100% - I assume the filament is no sticking on the reel? - then the  under-extrusion finger points at the temp.

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You can't print with a 0.8mm nozzle with that speed setting and temperature, that's crazy fast and way too cold so start there.

Most printers with 0.4mm nozzle wont like printing at that speed and temperature let alone 0.8mm

Also understand that increasing flow is not a solution to underextrusion and always start with speed and temperature settings first.


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