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I have spent 30+ hours and cant get this thing to work help the noob

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Hi TheJaguarPrince,


Welcome to the Ultimaker Forum.

Here is very little information, as printer type, filament type, temperature for nozzle and heath bed. I can see this is a Flashforg. 3D printer, that I do not know very much about, however nozzle height adjustment is something common for this kind of FDM 3D printers.

I can see some tiny marks on the heath bed, is this remains during trial?

Anyway, the glass plate need to be "super" clean, no fingerprints or things like that here.

So wash it in a mild soap water, hand warm, then rinse with warm water. I'm using approx. 60 deg. Celsius for this rinse. then let it dry or use a clean cotton rag.

For the nozzle adjustment, we use very thin paper.. The kind like a note from the ATM machine is the one I'm using. Make sure there is no plastic popping out from the nozzle that's can make your adjustment to high. A good practice is to wipe of any things like this before the head cool down after use. Do this adjustment when cold, some use bed and nozzle some heated when doing this. I'm using the cold adjustment method.

The picture of you nozzle, with filament hanging down looks like temperature is a little lo. So, temperature and filament (thermoplastic) type is mandatory for us to know..

Here is lots of people in here, so I'm sure you will have lots of more response if you need.


Anyway, good luck.








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