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LCD with Snootlab Deuligne

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Hi all,

Just a message to tell you that I've begin adding a lcd to Tetalab Ultimaker, using Deuligne shield from Snootlab, a open-hardware vendor we have in Toulouse, France.

- Deuligne shield - 24€ -

http://shop.snootlab.com/lang-en/snootl ... ligne.html

- SD-card shield - 18.50€ -

http://shop.snootlab.com/lang-en/snootl ... moire.html

- EXP1 and EXP2 connectors - 4.10€ -

http://shop.snootlab.com/lang-en/wires/ ... s-i2c.html

Total cost: 46.60€ without shipping.

Wiring is pretty basic, using documentation from:


On EXP1, connect the Deuligne shield:

- connect GND and 5V from EXP1 to GND and 5V on deuligne shield

- connect 20 (SCL) to A5 on deuligne shield

- connect 21 (SDA) to A4 on deuligne shield

- for joystick: connect analog 0 on ultimaker pcb to A0 on deuligne shield

On EXP2, connect the sd-card shield

- connect GND and 5V from EXP1 to GND and 5V on deuligne shield

- connect 50 (MISO) to 12 on memory shield

- connect 51 (MOSI) to 11 on memory shield

- connect 52 (SS) to 10 on memory shield

- connect 53 (SCK) to 13 on memory shield

I've began to rewrite my own lib on Marlin firmware, because I couldn't understand the problems I had with the current UltraLcd lib (which looks really cool with all the menu already done). Deuligne uses its own lib with i2c, and current UltraLcd use a standard LiquidCrystal lib, it might be causing the problem.

I've made a Deuligne branch on Marlin github, so I can continue to merge most changes on master tree:


Basic menus are working, I hope to soon be able to print files from sd-card. I'll probably find a way then to re-attach to UltraLcd lib, it's painful to see so many good stuff so near :)

Have fun,


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Yoopi :) First standalone print working, just with lcd+sdcard :)



- follow previous wiring instructions

- with arduino software, load Marlin driver from Deuligne branch on your ultimaker pcb

- in the main menu, go left to "Prepare", then execute preparation commands (homing, preheat, ...) by clicking on the joystick

- while the preheat is finishing, you can go up to "Manual" in the main menu. Then press once the joystick to control Z axe, and lower a bit the bed. Click twice on joystick to go back to main menu

- when the head begin to leak material (preheat is finished), you can right go to "Files", select a gcode file on your sd-card with up/down, and click on the joystick to launch the print.

There're still a lot to code, but at least the proof of concept is validated :)


- change the menu workflow to be more consistent with how you might use these menu to prepare and launch a print

- auto-refresh of some screens (temperature control, printing progress)

- add a potentiometer to have a control more precise at certain points. at the moment, some variable are hard-coded (axes control), and some variable will be useful to be changed during printing (feedrate, extrusion rate, temperature)

- create and print a support to fix the electronic parts on the ultimaker :)

Have a nice weekend!

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It isn't working for me too. When I download the alx/marlin and upload it to the machine on the screen I only see a row of full blocks and nothing else happens. when I try to connect to it via pronterface, instead of "Marlin Vxxxx" or anything meaningful I get only garbled letters. The wiring and everything was done by snootlab and supposedly tested, so I'm guessing its a software issue.

The marlin lio branch I cant even upload because of the same thing as with tomyam in the post above, however I noticed Deuligne.h is missing so I downloaded it and put it in the folder. Then I get double definitions for the lcd and again it wont verify or upload.

Some help would be great alx. :)

EDIT: I forgot to mention the screen doesn't light up! It only shows one row of full blocks if I turn up the contrast to the max.

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Hi chopmeister

Do i see that correct: If you buy the kit (LCD and SC Card add on) from smootlab, you will be able to print directly from the SD Card?

Or are any additional parts needed? (Beside the firmware update, of course)

How do you control the UM without Netfabb? -I dont see the "joystick" at smootlab? ;)



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Hi Dingo.

Yes, you saw that right. I am now using an old cell phone usb charger to charge the ultimaker instead of a computer and I'm printing directly from the SD card with great success. There is a joystick up there, but it's really small, you gotta make a plastic cap for it or something. All in all, I had no real problems installing, it's pretty much plug and play. The interface could be a bit better but I'm sure it will get better in time. All in all, I think it's well worth the money.

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i got this LCD board in my stuff collection and a Ultimaker.. is there a way to combine them?


Im not so into electronic thinkering.

It made my Ultimaker with Makerbot elektronics. Its a Makerbot motherboard 2.4 with full Interface support.

If not... is this Snootlab LCD maybe compatible with Makerbot elektronics?

Printing drom SD is not important for me but having a LCD is.


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Hi Tom

Now printing with the alx's branch for about 120 hours without problems (expect for the florescence lamp's EMV issue). There is no need to use the erik zalm marlin branch.

Posed the same question to me, too. It would be nice to know if the whole improvements erik did will be available for the Deuligne interface.

Hope we get the answer in that post.


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I'll try to merge the deuligne branch inside current master of erik zalm marlin, it shouldn't be too much work as I've just created a separate lib inside marlin that needs to be activated inside configuration.h

I'll let you know when ready.


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I've tried to download the tetalab zip file as well as zips from github and I can't get them to compile.

I'm using Arduino 1.0. and when I verfiy / compile it throws a lot of errors.

Near the top it says:

In file included from Marlin.cpp:1:

/Marlin.h:6:22: error: WProgram.h: No such file or directory

Marlin.cpp:52:24: error: Deuligne.h: No such file or directory

In file included from Marlin.cpp:1:

Marlin.h:48: error: variable or field 'manage_inactivity' declared void

Any idea where to get these missing files?

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