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I have yet to reach its limits; the program is great, most of the time when stuff screws up it's my fault. It's the engineers dream program, and with a 3d printer you can almost do anything. I am designing some robotic type parts for a future project, and being able to design the shapes I want around 3d solid models I make or download from McMaster-Carr is almost too futuristic for me! The only real hard part of my projects now is going to be the photolithography for the PCB boards, and I'm gong to solve that via a desktop CNC machine. Most everything in any of my ideas will soon be prototypeable ultra fast into reality all from the comfort of my computer desk.


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Thanks, yeah it's all SolidWorks; SW is just about all I know 3d modeling wise. The cool thing is that, it has the material properties of ABS baked into it's load simulator. So I can try out different loading schemes on different shapes before printing.


Just don't expect those simulations to match reality. A 3d printed model vs say an injection molded model is very very different when it comes to how it takes abuse.

Sorry for the off topic :) Unfortunately I don't really have anything to share that isn't already on youmagine or thingiverse.


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When I was a kid I had one of those gyroscopes that used a string to produce the spinning energy. I played with that thing until the string snapped and was always disappointed when it stopped spinning. I have been plagued by such disappointment until today... I present the perpetual spinning gyro.


I took a generic DC motor salvaged from a CD-rom drive, dimensionalized it, and integrated it into a gyroscope. I tested the motor out by clamping some pretty large weights to it while trying to make it spin with my bench top power supply, it works very well. Those disks circumferentially organized are steel slugs I plan on chopping out of a 1/2" diameter rod. If the device works as intended I'll post the CAD files, I'd also like to put some batteries on it and a small PWM circuit for current control so it can be independent of my power supply.



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I have some old models I might dig out and upload to youImagine, or Thingyverse, I'll post some random images here. I find a lot of the models are thingyverse in particular, are so low res and faceted, I don't know why people print them, they're never going to look good. When I was researching printers, all I wanted to see was high res character based work, and was mostly turned off by what I saw.

I work in feature film as a character artist, I was very close to buying a Form1 but was turned off by all their startup problems etc... in theory though, that may be a better process for the work I want to do.

I've had some great prints so far from my UM2, but also lots of headaches with under extrusion and nozzle blockage... here's hoping I can get the bugs out and produce some kickarse character prints.


603781 10150953872691814 2003539311 N

froggy comp back

froggy comp 06 green



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That has bugged me quite a bit as well braddock. My theory is that there are several reasons behind it, such as:

- Slicers not being able to handle it in the past.

- USB printing being more difficult due to how much more command data has to be sent to the printer and potentially causing buffer issues.

- People using software like openscad and not outputting high enough quality.

- People using software like Sketchup and not changing the default settings for number of segments for circles and the like.

- Crappy printers not being able to show the difference regardless so they don't bother.

Just a few random midnight thoughts hehe.

Also, love those characters :)


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Not yet Ian, I was planning to add some more sci fi style adornments to his chest, with tubes etc.

I'll let you know when he's ready!


i love the frogs... would a be a brilliant 3 part print... green frog.. transparent brain dome and red brain inside... how cool would that be on the office table !!! :smile:

Is the cute little froggie online some where ?

Ian :smile:


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Ultimaker2 Helps Cities Plan Their Future.

This is the latest project for my ultimaker2. Because I know the ultimaker2 prints faster... more accurate and as flat as a pancake... I know this very large print will be the next piece of cake.

Because Cura has also improved itself in a massive way in the past 2 years.. Cura will now digest my design models from archicad and revit, combine the geometry so I always get a clean effecient print model.

So now we can plan the future of a big city easier than ever !

Ian :-)



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I've only used it once or twice in the past, but judging from the UI-Interface it's 'Google SketchUp'.

It uses an 'Illustrative' style of view-port (desaturated colors, different line-weights for outlines and silhouettes of features/details) which gives the 2D 'Sketch' feel Aaron recognised.

It's quite a popular modeling software, especially because it has a free consumer version and is touted as having the lowest threshold of entrance for those who are new to 3D-modeling. But for more complex modeling tasks it may feel a bit lacking for those used other truly parametric modeling suites like Solidworks, Inventor or Spaceclaim.

Still, I've seen some really impressive projects done in SketchUp and 0235's Star Citizen Spaceship looks great, can't wait to see the combined finished print. (And, I'm hoping, a complete paintjob, I mean it has a lot of individual details which will take a lot of time to paint, but will probably end up wonderfull.)

Also, perhaps design a custom base for the spaceship to sit on so it gets some alleviation.


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