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Print Core does not heat up more that 4 deg.


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Posted · Print Core does not heat up more that 4 deg.



I have a new...ish print core that's about 1 year old that I haven't used much. Lately my UMS5 started to act up with the dreaded ER34 error (print head communication error). I followed the tutorial and disconnected the printhead cable and connected it again. This helped. However, ever since my print core in question (AA 0.4) won't heat up any more. Is there a way to troubleshoot this further? I have switched to another print core and it heats up fine so the print head is not at fault. I have switched the "broken" print core to the slot 2. and it does not heat up - so it is definitely the print core itself.

What's weird - when I manually want to heat up the print core, I can only go up to +4 C°. Pressing on the + button on the printer display does nothing. Also when I start a print, the temperature remains at 31 C° and the feeder tries push filament through the cold print core. I wonder why the firmware does not intercept the low print core temperature and stops the print.


That's not the whole story though. After reconnecting the print head cable I updated the firmware to the latest stable 6.5.x. I am not sure if the problems that follow were introduced by the new firmware but I noticed that every new print failed during active leveling with the message: "Difference between detected height of both print cores exceeds realistic values".

So I went on and disabled active leveling. I know that's not supported but I followed this post. That's when I found out that the one print core won't heat up. After that I enabled active leveling again.

Right now I am using an older print core and it works fine. No print head connection errors, no active leveling errors.




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    Posted · Print Core does not heat up more that 4 deg.

    Apart from cleaning the connector pins on the printcore pcb there is not much you can do about the printcore. And of course make sure the printcore is fully inserted into the slot but I assume you did that.

    What I find a bit strange is that you don't get a heater error when you try to manually heat the core - how long did you wait?

    You may also try to re-install the same firmware again to overwrite some potential typos from the active-leveling-disabling-procedure.

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    Posted · Print Core does not heat up more that 4 deg.

    I've had this same issue on two printcores now, one BB and today, one AA.


    Both first gave the occassional connection error, until eventually, i guess they wouldn't heat up correctly and somehow manage to wedge the filament into the printcore to the point of having to be surgically removed from the printer.


    Both times, I notice the error when I wanted to heat up the core to get the filament out again.


    I had already cleaned all contacts and reseated the cable, but did it again after getting it free today, the core would remain stuck at 4 degrees though.


    What causes this? Is this a defect of the hardware? There's the tiniest chip on the printcores, could something corrupt on that? Does the printer blacklist cores it deems broken? Or is there a fuse?

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    Posted · Print Core does not heat up more that 4 deg.

    Is it giving an error message?  Like ER34?  If so it's very helpful to go to the web page indicated on the printer display.


    Anyway it sounds like the sensors on the cores are working?  They are reporting actual accurate temperatures (e.g. typical room temperature is 20C so they are around 20-30C instead of around 200C????)


    Please answer all questions as often I ask 5 questions and the least important question is the only one answered.


    So the most common cause for everything working but heater (on an S5) (wait - are you sure the servos are working?  Does anything move at all?  There is another common problem when 24V doesn't get to the servos nor any heaters) is probably the connector in the print head.  This is so damn easy to fix.  Takes less than 60 seconds if you've done it before.


    The rear two long screws in the back of the top of the print head come out (don't remove the front two as if you do everything comes apart) and then you can remove the tiny panel in the rear half of the top of the print head.  Then you can see where the electric cable goes into the print head.  Push that connector down firmly (but first move the head to a corner so you don't bend the long rods holding the print head).  Before putting the head together try heating a core manually and see if the temp goes up.  It should start going up rapidly within 5 seconds.


    If that doesn't help - also try heating the bed (you can do this manually on the front display in the menus - go to that "..." option in the upper right corner at some point I think?).  Is the test bed also not heating up?  (takes more like 20 seconds to be obvious that the temp is moving).


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