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All Hail Gregoire Passault, master of the Raft!

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I've just uploaded an Cura 14.04-RC1 to:


This version contains the fix for the external skin quality. An update UM2 firmware to slightly improve the start of the print. Slightly better bridge handling. And best of all, a new improved raft implementation!

(And easier support for delta-bots. And support for BFB printers. And some other minor stuff which will make some people happy, but most people won't care about)

This new raft was made and tweaked by Gregoire Passault. Known as Gregwar. Known for this "on the head" extruder mod for the UM2:


His improved raft implementation puts the raft quality up to the raft of Makerbot. With a clean separation, and a clean bottom surface. We've put in working defaults in the settings for PLA, and, as always, left a lot of tweakable room in the expert settings.

I currently do not know how well it works for ABS and Nylon. But I'm sure people will report back on that one.

(And there are even more settings to be exposed once I finally get to a working new UI)

I hope to move this information forwards toward a better support material implementation. But if that will happen, only the future will tell.


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Hey Diad, I've been messing with the 14.04RC1 and the accompanying firmware. I really like the new start-up sequence, it's pretty slick and controls the priming filament well. There is a small problem I've been having with the start-up sequence though, it tries to pump out the filament too quickly and the extruder motor ends up grinding the filament down so much so that the knurled driving wheel cannot translate the filament at all. I think the green Ultimaker filament is more susceptible to grinding than the other colors are, so take that for what it's worth I suppose. I'll eventually get some different colors in there to see if I get the same problems.


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I'm just doing my very first print with the new volumetric RepRap flavour on my UM1. I'm using a Marlin version with firmware retraction enabled (my UM1 now understands G10/G11 commands :p ). It works like a charm so far.

I've put two M200 (one for each extruder) into my start.gcode to define the filament diameters. However I found some retract/priming features of my start.gcode/end.gcode have to be adjusted... ;)

The print feeling smells a tiny little bit like Ultimaker2... :lol:

Nice job, Daid!


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That's the disadvantage of having a forum full of clever members... :p

But it's a small disadvantage compared to the advantages, isn't it? ;)


Yes it is :D

Stuff has changed, a year ago I could silently work in a branch and nobody would notice. Now I feel like my fingers are watched ;-)

But, if you want to look at my latest work https://github.com/daid/Cura2

Lots of stuff happening there.


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