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Sphere / Problem with last layers

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I'm trying to print a fairly small model (about 4cm) on a UM2. The last layers represent the top of a sphere but end up being completely messed up (see pictures).

What it should be:

How It should Be


How it comes out:

Model Squashed Nose


I have tried varying nozzle temp. from 190, 200, 210, 220 and 230 and speed from 50mm/s X 50%, 50mm/s X 75% and 50mm/s X 100% but always end up with the same issue.




Bed temp: 60

Layer height: 0,06

Shell: 0,08

Bottom/top thickness 0,6

Brim enabled

Filament: PLA Orange from UM


Model (.obj): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/109695611/2014-05-04%20---%20Cours%20de%20Cuisine%20v0-9.obj


Could anyone point me in the right direction? I've had some really great results recently, but I just don't seem to get this specific model to print properly...






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First, set the minimum layer time to 5-7s in order to give the deposited material enough time to cool.

The minimum speed should not be below 10mm/s.

Furthermore you can try the cool head lift feature.

Personally, I use either the Flowthermostat plugin or the TweakAtZ on the layer where the print speed drops below 25-30mm/s.


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@dimensioneer: Thanks for your help. Mininum layer time was 5s. I've pushed it to 7s. I have also installed Flowthermostat which looks great - good tip, thanks.

Could you please clarify what is the cool head lift feature and where I can find it?

Thanks a lot!!!


Instead of slowing down the print speed due to the minimum layer time, the layer is printed with normal speed. For the remaining time of the layer, the head is lifted.

You find the feature in the expert settings of Cura.


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Thanks for your explanations, Dim3nsioneer.

The first couple of tries with Flowthermostat were a bit of a disaster, but I've no doubt that it's because of me rather than the extension. I keep on googling...



You most probably have to increase the coefficient. The plugin requires some time until it works as it should. Could be I even found a bug and eliminated it; but can't remember right now. I'll have to check.


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If you print 4 pieces the 2 in the middle will come out better so instead you could print towers on the ends (just cylinders) that are at least .2mm taller than your part.

Cool head lift works somewhat - it's not as good as printing multiple parts but sometimes you don't want to print multiple parts. For example printing large things with a tiny top. Cool head lift is under expert/cool section I believe.


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