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What bugs you the most about downloaded models?

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Hey Folks,

I've been designing a lot of stuff lately and I was wondering...

When you go to thingiverse/youmagine or similar services, how do you decide if something is worth printing?

Are there certain things that just make you go, nope! not worth it?

For example, Immediate no nos for me:

-if there is no printed sample along with the STLs by the author.

-If it requires additional fasteners like nuts and bolts. (glue is acceptable)

-if it requires a lot of cleanup

-If there are a ton of parts and not immediately apparent where they fit together


How do you filter your decisions? And what makes you tick the most about public models?


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I agree on the glue point!

No printed sample is a turn off especially to see if it is what I want. This is really true for what I will classify as operational parts such as printer upgrades etc.

I don't mine fasteners as long as they are standard and easy to come by. Some of the models have you go out and get plastite screws or non-metric hardware that might be hard to find (and I'm in the US so fractional inch hardware is plentiful but what I have left over from the UM1 is metric and therefore what I have on hand). As I'm a unsophisticated gorilla, I despise plastite screws since I will inevitably strip them.

Don't mind clean up as long as it seems necessary. Some things are difficult to print with additive methods.

Don't mind lots of parts either as long as there are instructions and it seems necessary.

Shameless plug: this is my one contribution - https://www.youmagine.com/designs/um-original-bowden-tube-clips-and-retainer


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I like glue as long as it's not the only thing holding it together.. (split objects no good, peg + hole = good)

As for nuts and bolts, I can never find the right ones being in a metric country that's beside the US imperial system, you can be sure not to find what you're looking for.

Good to see differing opinions though.


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