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Cura infill pattern ;-)

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Hello Daid,

is there any change that a simple line drawing, bmp black line, can be added into the infill pattern?

So when you print in a semi transparent colour you can see a kind of drawing inside the print instead of only the square support inside.

Would be awsome for lamphousings ;-)


Xiao Shi Zi.


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Sure. If it is to go on a flat rectangular surface. But someone mentioned a lamp shade. A bit more complicated. And the next person will want to put it on a iphone case with holes for camera and buttons. And then the next person...

It gets very complicated. This is really a feature for CAD software and some programs already do this.


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gr5, do you know any opensource cad program abble to do that? Even with a .stl?

maybe Blender I guess


I've heard people discuss this feature but I don't remember what cad it was. I think it was blender but I'm not positive. I do remember that there were 2 almost identical sounding features where one made it *look* like the surface had texture and the other actually changed the texture in the STL.

bitmap bumps


bitmap surface


bitmap texture

something like that?

Actually I know a package that does this but doesn't creat STL files: kerkythea. For example you can create a flat wall and add a photo of bricks - but even better you can add a bitmap file that says where the bricks stick out and where the mortar lines are and it 3 dimensionally modifies the wall so that lighting and shadows look perfect from any angle. In kerkythea you can say for example if black is "in" or "out" on the surface and by how much distance.

But kerkythea doesn't then convert this to STL - it only uses it internally for it's lighting engine.


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Openscad also has a simular bitmap feature.


Indeed, it reminds me this


tutorial. Indeed a nice Opensource Possibility to try. Thx Zoev89.

Will check to use it in Freecad as there's an openscad module to and it's a gui instead of typing a lot.

Greetz Xiao Shi Zi.


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