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help needed please for my dog ! Save dogs around the world !

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Hello dear members, I am really totally new in the 3D printing world. That is also the reason why I can not start myself finding solutions to save the life of my dear dog "Dexter" (only 6 months, and such a great gentle and friendly little pup).

Here is the problem, 6 weeks ago my pup discovered he has a tail ! From that moment he is chasing it and chewing on it and hurting himself. Some research learned me that is a problem that is worldwide. Sometimes occurs with dogs who have a boring life (which he has not, he even has great company of my other dog, and I walk and play every day with both) but sometime it starts with really young dogs or pups (like in my case). Unfortunately there is not much done to solve this sad and sometimes deadly tic. The turning in circles start the production of Dopamine (a natural feel good drug made by the brain itself). After a little time he is liked dazed, drudged and does not even react on anything. His tail even bleeds now. Blood all around on the walls (but that is even not the worse for me, not at all)

Anno 2014 the only thing the medical world does is giving medication (works almost not), food supplies (idem) or wearing a general sort of collar form a bit like a bucket so he can not see or reach his tail (works best).

The problem is that these buckets come in 2 sizes, and for example for my Dexter it is giant, it is really sad to look in his eyes. He really does not understand what is happening. He does his best so hard in life to please everyone.

These "bucket collar" are made for solving the problem of a dog who has been under surgery, to prevent him of biting the wound. They are also used for other issues of course. But it is not made as a design for this specific problem.

So I fought it must be possible to 3D print something not so GIANT big for on the head, only preventing him to see his tail (maybe something like horses wear sometime ? I don't know) Or something that leaves space above his head and just below his had, so that it only blocks side view ? PLEASE PLEASE help me. We all want to proof 3D printing is more than making toys. If we could save dogs, an make people happy that they don't have to loose their truest friend ? Wouldn't that be great. Thanks a lot in advance . If You want to see pictures of "Dexter" jus let me know.


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I have cut out the top (above his head) and the lower part (at the mouth), but it stays a giant thing surrounding his head. He keeps hitting walls etc because it is so Large and wide.

I was thinking about a much smaller design that would be easier to him (perhaps based on the eyecaps horses sometimes wear - so that they can't look aside) to wear. Because it is a the goal to recondition him, to forget, he will have to wear it for weeks. So the lighter and smaller the better I think. That's why I need a design, and really many dogs have this problem, so designers with a heart for dogs please if You could help, it would be a great.

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I don't understand what you are asking for from the community.


Whats preventing you from designing something of your own? You seems to have some idea in mind and have the perfect test subject.

Use Sketchup, DSM, 123D Design or even MeshMixer. They are all free and quite easy to use. Go on, put something together and then you can figure out the size you need. At that point you can refine and do something in separate parts if needed and assemble them after print.

Consider how resistant that piece will need to be (thickness, material to use). Keep in mind that it should not become dangerous to him. If the piece break, can it cut is eyes, mouth or neck? If he can lick the piece, will he get sick (ABS, PLA, Nylon, XT)?


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I'd rather get something soft like this http://www.amazon.com/KONG-Cloud-E-Collar-Collar-Large/dp/B0045Y1JGG/ref=zg_bs_2975395011_1 or this http://www.amazon.com/Comfy-Cone-E-Collar-Xlarge-Black/dp/B000XY5DSM/ref=pd_sbs_petsupplies_1?ie=UTF8&refRID=0SZACQ14JG37JE3XQ19X There are several good alternatives to those terrible stiff collars that look like plastic buckets. Very much depends on your type of breed. The first type of collar that I linked to doesn't work well with long-snouted dogs like German shepherds.

Generally I think you need something soft and comfortable for your dog, 3D printed parts are too stiff to be comfortable. I'd rather try to find someone who can sew you a perfectly fitting soft collar for your dog.


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What kind of dog is it?

I'm surprised to hear that the "bucket" you received comes only in two sizes... my wife is a vet and i know she has something like 10 different sizes.

On the other side as you say these "buckets" are really annoying for the dog and for the owners (it's not really nice to have the dog pass asides of you and hitting your legs with it).

I'm curious to know what your vet proposed as treatment, i will talk about this with my wife if you want.

I don't think a design that would cover the eyes would be good because it would possibly make the dog anxious not to see, and surprised if someone arrives by the side and suddenly appears in his vision, could lead to biting (or not).

Maybe this is just a temporary state, Dexter discovers his body?

I'll let you know if my wife has any opinion on this.


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Thanks for the tip Didier, the soft collar could be the answer ! The treatment my vet suggested if the collar would not work are medication. But for a pup age 4,5 month I am not a fan of that. I will order the soft collar and see.

I am totally new on 3D printing, so I tought that made with very small thickness eyecaps made so he can not look aside would provide be much comfort. As he could walk and run almost with nothing on his head attached.

As reply to "dude" ... If I could design it myself I would not ask for help. I am new in designing and 3 D printing. But I tought for expierenced designers this would be not the most difficult desgin to do. And maybe something lots of doglovers would be pleased to discover

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Some news from my wife :)

So first thing to ask, i guess you went to a Vet with Dexter? If not, go and check for parasites it could be a reason for biting.

First thing she proposed was the inflatable dog collar like Cez_etc mentionned.

If he needs to bite stuff, give him some toys to bite (more than one).

As last resort if he still bites his tail, you can roll it in a bandage with something that the dog doesn't like or that tastes horrible or spicy like pili pili.

Anyway the first thing to do is go to a Vet if you didn't. I'm afraid 3D printing won't be able to give you some kind of solution for this.

Hope little Dexter will get better soon ;)


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