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4.9.2 release, Quick guide

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Hi Folks

As you know the NF update is here with volumetric printing 8-)

I am very rushed for time at present but I will be back on later to talk a little about this release if Alex does not beat me to it. In the meantime I hope you enjoy the improvements.

To use this feature follow my quick guide bellow.

Choose and set up Volumetric printing:

1.Click the machine tab

2.On the machine type drop down, pick Ultimaker (volumetric)

3.Next click the '...' button to the right of it

4.Tick the Minimal cycle time radio box and enter a value to the right, 10 seconds works fairly well

5.Choose the 'Ultimaker (volumetric) specific' tab

6.Pick your com port and baud rate

7.click Ok at the bottom and restart Netfabb.

Calibrate Volumetric printing:

1.Click on style tab, click 'Manage materials' at the bottom

2.Double click the material that you want to edit / use

3.Enter filament measurement in relevant box in pop up window that appears called 'expert settings'

4.Click the OK button at the bottom of the pop up window.

5.Close the manage material box

6.Make sure you have the correct material selected for the extruder you want to use.

Now when you calculate the toolpath for a new model the calibration automatically updates.

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Improvements ncluded in this release are:


  • - Volumetric printing
    - Improved toolpaths / print quality
    - Easy printing with 50% speed and no fan for the first layer
    - Unified outline feature for multiple part prints
    - Improved minimal layer time feature
    - Tweaked temperature to help prevent the frustration of filament grinding and increase layer stickiness


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Good news :)

Gave it a quick try just now and ... well, the results weren't exactly what I was expecting. I followed the steps in the first post and then sliced a random simple object. I then loaded up the gcode in printrun and to my amazement it actually displayed a preview, nice. I heated up and hit the print button.

- The printer homed to the front left corner as usual

- It then shot straight over to the upper right side of the printer (previously it did a nozzle wipe by going to the top left)

- In the top right corner it started printing what looked like a half assed raft (no raft selected, only outline). It did about 3-4 lines of this.

- The head then moved to the starting location for the outline and completed that nicely.

- At completion of the outline I got a checksum error (I think), printrun crashed and I had to manually move the platform down to save it from burning.

For what it's worth the amount of extrusion looked about right from what little I could see but then again I used a profile that was calibrated previously so I don't know if it's relevant.

Too tired to do any further tests tonight.

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Cool, thank you for the update, lots of nice features here.

This reduces my wish list for the next version(s) to:

* Retraction

* Fixed bugs in support structures (some support structures hang in thin air)

* Multithreaded slicing

...just a little bit more waiting :-)

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I had the same issue as Robert. Crashing of printrun after the outline and also checksum error. I will try to print from Netfabb directly, though I prefer printrun so far, because it is more interactive, but let,s see.

So if it the ": " in the gcode (should have been fixed according to erik) then please fix it also in netfabb.


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I can now print with printrun with new netfabb code, which indeed includes ":" in comment lines. To be able to do that just replace every ":" by another character e.g. "-" or nothing (search/replace in your favourite text editor).

Not really convenient but doable, as I still prefer very much printrun over the netfabb printing GUI (too many tabs and not configurable by your own buttons).


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