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  1. 30 euros... and some one got a great deal today
  2. Hi guys. Im clearing out my workshop a little and have 3 bags full of great hotend stuff for ultimaker 2. All the parts are either never been used OR a tiny bit used... so no big wear.. Have a look at the photo. Id be happy if I could get 40 euros plus 5 euros post with paypal for the lot Im selling this as a lot.. so no individual parts... Please shoot me a quick email if you want this. ian.spring@gmail.com Thanks and have a nice day. Ian
  3. third question. Is that a normal SD card or micro SD ? Which direction does the SD go in ? which side up ? Thanks. Ian
  4. second question. If I want to update to the latest firmware. Can I connect my ultimaker 3 to cura using a USB cable and transfer the new firmware update that way. I dont think the WIFI in my office is very stable... Ian
  5. Thank you. At the monent my screen is totally blank.. a complete BRICKED ultimaker When I setup my SD card this evening with all the files. Will I just (insert SD card) then turn on the printer and it will automatically boot from the SD card and so allow me to reboot from the sd card. I hope so.... Ian
  6. Hi guys. I just took off the covers of the electronincs. The lights are glowing but nothing is coming up on the screen. I can also not connect using Cura. It does not see the printer. Is there a way to transfer a firmware flash using a us cable between my latopt and printer ? I really need my printer back running today for work.... Thanks. Ian
  7. Good morning guys. My ultimaker 3 extended is connected with the wifi in my office. This morning came the message I could update the firmware to the latest version. Took 10 minutes to download and then the printer restarted. With the ultimaker logo on the screen, the screen froze and I could not get any response... So I turned off the printer and turned it back on. Now the screen does not turn on.. no lights come one. It looks like my beautiful ultimaker 3 is dead.... How can I do a hard reset of the system ? Maybe the firmware update with wifi was not 100% perfect and screwed up the printers mind.. ? can some one please help. Thank you. Ian
  8. its always lovely to see such a beautiful clean print... and i love the color Ian
  9. Thank you. I think this maybe is the better option than Nylon. Im always worried about parts losing their form and rigidity after being exposed to a lot of moisture and water. Thanks for your help guys. Ian
  10. OK thank you. Little question or 2 actually. Is Nylon only available in black ? and is it a problem if the Nylon piece gets wet or is exposed to moisture for long periods of time. Would it become swollen ? or soft ? Thank you. Ian
  11. Hi guys. I was looking at a foot socket that was printed with a FDM printer recently. The guys told me that the material was not ABS and PLA but was very sturdy and also a normal FDM printer material that is only available in black. Here is a photo. What do you guys think this could be ? Id like to know as Id like to try and print something similiar with my ultimaker 3. The material needs to be good with shock and also a little bit of flex. Any ideas what this stuff is ? Thanks guys. Ian
  12. Hi. Its lovely to see you here How are you also doing ? Im doing fine thanks. Became a daddy this year :)a beautiful little girl Im a very proud daddy and husband.. And my work is now creating fantastic medical products using 3d print technology. Which I love because I see men and women and kids running and walking better because of my work Best wishes and have a lovely day. Ian
  13. Hi Sander. Im setting up a team of really talented people to create the best medical products suited for 3d printing technology. To start with we have created really really cool foot, hand and head orthesen using 3d scan and model systems. Delivering the end product in an array of different materials and using an array of 3d print processes. We already have our products in the field and are expanding and making our designs and systems even better for the end user (patient) Its a fantastic growing market to be involved in And its also great to see a real use of 3d print technology to help people in their every day lives. If your guys want to talk with me more about this: this is my email: i.spring@streifeneder.de Thanks and have a lovely day. Ian
  14. Hi Sander. Im good thank you. Working away making 3d printed medical products Its great making products that directly help people. We also are big fans of using our ultimaker 3 in our workshop for testing new designs and parts. Maybe it could be a cool case study for you guys at ultimaker ? Hope your also well. Best wishes. Ian
  15. Morning guys. I did a presentation about 3d printinging medical products (my job ) Its in... my version of german.. so I hope you can understand it a bit hehe Enjoy. Ian
  16. Hallo zusammen. Ich bin nicht sicher, ob dies der richtige Ort ist, um dies zu veröffentlichen, aber ich hoffe es ist. Ich arbeite für eine große medizinische Firma nur westlich von München in Bayern. Wir sind eine Untergruppe für 3d gedruckte medizinische Produkte. Wir brauchen jetzt ein neues Mitglied für unser Team ... LIEBEN !! 3D-Modellierung und Kreativität! Diese Person muss die Welt der 3D-Druck und Design zu lieben. Kein großes EGO und liebt es, mit einem Team zu arbeiten. Wenn das richtig klingt, bitte schicken Sie mir Ihren Lebenslauf an meine Adresse: ian.spring@gmail.com Dies ist das erste Mal, dass ich diese neue Job Position kündige, so dass ihr Jungs auf dem Forum erste Wahl hat. In 2 Wochen geht diese Position auf alle großen Plattformen. Hoffe, von dir zu hören. Ian ps. hier ist ein Präsentation von mir in Erfurt 2017.
  17. Hello guys. What Software would you recommend that I could create a simple 2mm thick Shell and the be able to cut out of the Shell a pattern (probabyl using an jpg like bumbmapping ? Is there a free Software that can do this ? Thanks guys. Ian
  18. Thanks guys ! I tried FreeCad and it did work converting my STL to STEP. But Little Problem... all exported STEP files are between 2 and 3 times the size of the original STL. So STL files that were 30MB are coming out at almost 100MB STEPs. Im a Little surprised how tricky it is to move between STL and STEP.. Ill Keep trying the few new ideas. Thanks guys. Have a great Weekend. Ian
  19. thanks. ill give it a Chance. thank you. Ian
  20. Hi guys. I have a Little question. I have some normal 3D stl files at home. But I Need to have them as step data files. Is there an easy free way to do this ? Is it a tricky busy to comvert from stl to step ? Also is there an Option to simplify my stl or step files ? simpler mesh ? Thanks a lot. Ian
  21. Morning guys. Little question ? The last 3 days I was getting professional training in special design software for medical products. At the end of the third day, I told the teacher guy that I was a big fan of ultimaker and I had years of great fun and experiences with them. He told me something weird... he said enjoy ultimaker now because... now ultimaker has been sold to 3dsystems they will gradually close up all the open source community driven things... eeekkk :( Is it true that ultimaker was sold to 3dsystems ? Ian
  22. Morning all ! I hope this is the right section of the Forum. I wanted to ask you guys for your advice. Im using a portable Artec 3d scanner at the moment to scan body parts. Problem is...... when I scan, if I move too fast the scanner gets confused and looses Focus... if I move too slow, the software collects too much data and kills my Computer. I was wondering is there any new cool little 3d portable scanner that simply takes a clean accurate scan of a persons... leg for example without taking 20 minutes to make the scan and another 40 minutes for the computer to choke on the data... so accuaret.... smart... fast.... Any ideas guys ? Thank You. Ian
  23. what would the best material be for a ultimaker 3 nozzle to Hand lots of carbon printing ? Also would the carbon Filament wear down things like the bowden tube and the PEEK for example ? I could see a lot of great function pieces being done with high Quality using an ultimaker 3 and carbon... I guess a few People have to burn their fingers first before we really know how to do it... Maybe an idea for ultimaker 4..... Ultimaker Hardcore.... built to print things like carbon and PEEK material... ? Thanks. Ian
  24. any idea who sells stell nozzles for ultimaker 3 ? Carbon printing with an ultimaker 3 ? Thanks. Ian
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