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  1. Plexiglas = Plastik Heißes Plastik + Heißes Plastik = schlecht
  2. edis, have you already considered a plugged nozzle?
  3. Axon does not work with Ultimaker
  4. Wenn du nur mit PLA druckst, dann brauchst du kein Heizbett. Ein DIY-Heizbett bringt auch wieder andere Probleme mit sich. Versuche es erstmal mit anderen Einstellungen, anderem Geometriedesign und einem anderen Klebeband. NOPI ist z. B. auch sehr gut.
  5. Du slict einfach irgend ein einfaches Modell (nen Cube z.B.) und lädst dann das generierte gcode file mit 'load profile from gcode'. Dann in den Expert-Modus wechseln und du siehst die entsprechenden Einstellungen, die Cura bei high quality verwendet.
  6. Your speed is very high compared to the print temp. Have your tried to print at lower speed, e.g. 25 mm/s? If that works, than increase the temperature for printing at higher speeds. I don't think your problems comes from retraction.
  7. Your print already looks awesome. But I don't understand so many many of you using the filament of Faberdashery. The prices are exorbitant. You get the same amount of plastic in the same quality for lower prices from so many other stores.
  8. Hallo Poste doch mal ein paar Bilder deiner ersten Prints
  9. Yes, it does. It adds 'sparse infill' and 'crowning' to the parts that go below the wall thickness.
  10. Hallo Mal analog zum PLA Thread hier das gleiche zu ABS. Da ich gerne für manche Designs in ABS drucken möchte, würden mich Erfahrungsberichte interessieren. Wer also ABS von bestimmten Herstellern empfehlen kann - oder NICHT empfehlen kann: Hier rein damit! Ich habe mir jetzt das naturfarbene 3mm Filament von grrf.de bestellt. Dort sind 2,2 kg Material auf der Rolle. Mal sehen wie der UM damit druckt, ich werde berichten.
  11. Welches Packband, wenn man fragen darf? Mir geht so langsam das blaue von Ultimaker aus.
  12. Your black painted Ultimaker looks awesome!
  13. You should invent a PLA-blend that is dissolvable via acetone.
  14. That is a new one for me, too. Never seen that before. I'd also guess it has to do something with either the z-screw or with your 3d model itself. Does that line occur on all your models?
  15. I don't see why Cura shouldn't be able to print such a pc cooler thingy. It's a very simple and basic geometry.
  16. With transistor the port outputs only 12V at 255. Only without transistor it's 19V.
  17. Try printing at a higher hotend temp (10-15 °C) - even if that means you exceed the official temperature tolerance limit of your filament. That's not a real problem. But it gives much better flow and adhesion between layers. So give it a try.
  18. Yes, I mean the hot end fan. I already guessed I killed something on the pcb by accidentally shortening the leads. *blush* I want to replace the broken part. Can you help me? Where do I find the part (transistor) on the board? And what type of transistor do I need? Thank you!
  19. Hi, I'm observing a new problem of my Ultimaker: The fans are always on. They start instantly with switching on the machine. I can't alter their rpm any more with the UltiController nor I can't change the speed with Cura. Even when I put "M106 S0" via Cura's command line, the fans don't respond. They're staying on. I have absolutely no clue what's causing that. Can someone help me please?
  20. The radial fan for the pcb is crap. Throw it away and get some standard 50 oder 60 mm PC fans. Then the UM is MUCH quieter.
  21. You used round filament and not their sticks, didn't you? I had no problems so far between switching between ABS and PLA, even as I switch a couple of times in one week. Try to increase the fan speed and decreasing the speed of extrusion.
  22. When do you plan to release the next version, Daid?
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