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  1. I did the test again. Advice needed. Where is the fault? Build Plate? or Main Board? Thanks
  2. Hi, can anyone advice me on where on getting a UM2 main board for replacement. Ultimaker point me to this web shop http://inted.sg/accessories/ which sell non. If I need to order from this shop and wait for the shop to order from Ultimaker, imagine how much time I need to wait for replacement to happen. Can anyone please advice? Thank you.
  3. HI Does cura 2.1.3 still able to use the pause at height Plugins. If yes, where do I find it? Thanks.
  4. Yes, thank you gr5. you been great help. I am using it now till the regular Marlin rectify on this issue update is out. I did find some inconsistent on the display of the selection on material. But its still works well, And can set the temperature to higher then 100C. But will still hope the regular Marlin for Ultimaker on this issue will be rectify soon and more user like me can buy and use Ultimaker out of the box. Thanks again
  5. Ultimaker ABS white. I have been using hairspray all along with Ultimaker 2 . I try glue today but it did not work. I don't like ABS slurry as the smell is too strong for me and messy. I do not understand why the limit of 100C for the new firmware. It work so well at 105-110C. If Ultimaker expect user to hunt around for firmware to work with the machine. How can Ultimaker say its machine is ready for use out of the box. Now after upgrading with the kits to Ultimaker 2+, I have a machine hanging and work stop. Please assist. Thank you.
  6. From all my previous use on Ultimaker 2, ABS need bed temperature of 105-110C . Now firmware from Cura come with maximum bed temperature of 100C. So can I say Ultimaker and Cura will no longer support ABS printing?
  7. Its still not sticking after all setting and glue or hairspray. The only issue now is I can't set the bed above 100C, its the max I can set. Before upgrade to UM2+, I was able to set to more then 100C. Please advice. Thank you.
  8. It work, I level it till the nozzle is touching on the bed. When I pull out the card I can hear the nozzle hit the bed. But the print is still not sticking well on the bed. I upload a video here. Thanks
  9. That was done at the levelling stage, which I did before the print. If you are referring to the gap at the start of printing. I do not understand why its that big gap too.
  10. Well there are only 3 possibilities that I can think of: 1) When you levelled somehow it didn't save the new z home position. I did level a few time. Reinstall Cura 15.04.5 and update the firmware on UM2+ Level plate after reinstall. 2) Something is wrong with your gcode (this happens to me all the time - more later) I test a few file, check layer view and slice for Ultimaker 2+ with the reinstall Cura 15.04.5 (3) z endstop problems or other hardware issues Image show the Z switch position and reading after I did a home from Pronterface. Video showing the last testing. Please advice. Thanks
  11. Just did a new slice file with the cura 15.04.6 that install the UM2+. Result same. Please assist. Thanks.
  12. Yes, if not then the filament feeder will not run correctly. Please advice, thanks.
  13. After doing bed levelling. Test print but the head is not touching the bed. Its stay about a few mm off the bed. Please advice, anyone. Thank you.
  14. Thanks for the reply. I have upgrade the firmware to 15.04.06. Well the problem is my mistake, I did not choose to "Add new machine" and select Ultimaker 2+. So now the loading is normal again. But now a new issue is up. After doing bed levelling. Test print and the head is now not touching the bed. Its stay abt a few mm off the bed. What have I done wrong this time? Please advice, anyone. Thank you.
  15. Upgrading my UM2 to UM2+ with the kits. After installing, the feeder is moving in reverse. Cable on the board looks correct. And one more issue, the Ferrite Core is missing. Here is a photo of the E1 connector showing the cable for the feeder. Can anyone assist. Thank you.
  16. How to order this from Singapore? All the web shop don't work for my country. Any advice? Thanks.
  17. Good work Team Ultimaker. Hope the Extrusion upgrade can be available asap. What about the geared feeder and glass clip? Upgrade able? Available for upgrade too? Thanks Team Ultimaker for your hardwork.
  18. Work with 2 same kind of materials, possible. But 2 different kind of materials may not work.
  19. Can give a link to the item from thingiverse?
  20. You need a CAD program to do it. Or Photoshop CC can too. :mrgreen:
  21. I face that problem before too. :mrgreen: http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/6614-issue-with-cura-147-quickprint-profile/ :ugeek: :oops: :geek:
  22. Thanks for sharing. Any image of the printing to share? :mrgreen:
  23. That why I don trust manufacturer saying "1 click and you get the most beautiful art piece" :mrgreen:
  24. Due to frequent swapping of filament, sometime up to 4 or 5 time per day. So I got myself a dry cabinet. Till now still working well. :mrgreen:
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