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  1. @shurik, that's a really creative hack! It would never have occurred to me that was even possible.
  2. Have you looked at fbrc8? https://fbrc8.com/collections/ultimaker-2-spare-parts/products/electronics-pack-1
  3. Too easy! The clips are still rendered on the screen, but don't get in the way of slicing anymore. Love it!
  4. @eldrick, I went back and reread what I wrote. Sorry, it was a bit misleading. Fixing the hardware as you pointed out is easy, but even if I remove the clips Cura won't print anything above them at any Z height. I was hoping someone knew how to just remove the bed clips from Cura.
  5. I've run into this issue a few times now with some large models, where their overhangs lean over one of the bed clips a few millimeters. Occasionally I run into a model that needs to have one bed clip pulled out to successfully print. I'm looking for a workaround, is there a way to just disable the bed clips in Cura? In the meantime, I've been using S3D, but really wanted to give the cubic subdivision infill a go with a larger part.
  6. This makes me want to buy a UMO+ just to mod it to this point! Brilliant stuff and amazing prints, well done @neotko and @gudo.
  7. Really nice design neotko. I've been looking at this for a while and thinking about doing this upgrade. I'm wondering if printing flexibles is an easier with this setup? Looks like filament path and feeder gears support the filament at all times.
  8. Phillipe44, I had the same problem and similar experience as you with the UM2. Amazing machine when it worked but underextrusion was a major issue, I felt like I tried everything. The upgrade to the UM2+ was the best thing ever done to my machine. Honestly, I wouldn't be considering a 3 if Ultimaker hadn't got the 2 printing consistently at this level. Since then, I think I've had over 2000 hours of printing and the only issue I've run into was this one with the stepper gear. I contacted support (fbrc8) and they promptly sent me new stepper with the longer gear attached. While it was shi
  9. it's been a while now since I upgraded to the 2+, and I have been running my printer around the clock since with a bunch of different materials. I have to say that I am extremely impressed by this upgrade and wanted to thank the Ultimaker team for making this available.
  10. I just got some NinjaFlex last week and have been trying to work it out, I did manage to get the Ultimaker robot to print at 225c, .1mm layers, no retractions and at 20mm/s. It proved that it can work, but it's been my only successful print thus far, all of the others seem to start ok and somehow stop extruding about an hour into the print. At which point filament mysteriously goes into the feeder but doesn't push through on the other end.
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