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  1. I think you already nailed all the distinction between the 2 machine. The UM2+ is pretty good for those that want to mod machine, not sure how much you need the dual extrusion for dissolvable support but there are a few option. This option may not be for production environment but they're already pretty good. Speed is a relevant term in 3d printing, I dont do production runs but I do run long prints. Personally, speed for me is only one of the factors for the end result I wanted. If I need just representation model, I go fast but if I want accurate and nice looking print, I go slow
  2. Agreed with @kmanstudios, which is why I mentioned you need to experiment. Thats how you will get your expected result. Those settings have been my go to start settings for 3 different printer. Full disclosure, 2 of them where on the 1.75mm filament. Out of 3, 1 was direct drive so i think you should be covered. First few tries will get you there so dont be discourage, mistakes are ok as long as you learn from them.
  3. I like PET and CPE+ my my PET stock are MadeSolid PET+ when I run it on my UM3, I started with CPE+ black (which I also like to print just the smell gets to me) and changed a few things. temp is at 250 but prints well on 245degC with bed of 80-85 degC enclosed. preferred off fans for functional parts but 1-10% fan for making it look pretty. Also print at a lower speed @250 degC dont go over 40mm/s (to start with see if starts to skip steps or clogs/nozzle. I would start with that but you need to experiment with the settings as I am not sure of 3DJakes' PETG composition. I think UM2 should be a
  4. You must be a calm person else batty will feel steamy/sauna if you hot headed....sorry couldnt resist. Well I think this is the best home for batty, he is literally in your head ? Like TMicke I also wonder whats in my head, must be bugs cause I cant seem to run effeciently
  5. I think this is a good idea, with some recent issues with my 3rd party printcore, I couldnt print on the UM3 while I try to free up the jam core. A separate stand would be a good idea, more so to those multiple printer and mostly run continuously. I think it is very doable, some one already may have the code for this, there was a guy who made a sous vide annealing for PLA, the principle is the same just heat up the printcore heater and probe current temp. no need for a full code, PID would be nice to avoid overshoot. Unless you want to to automate the cold pull as well.
  6. Oh my what a big....... ......space for batty inside ?
  7. I have seen this happened, more than one occasion and on different printer. UM1, UM2 Clone (original UM2 heated bed and glass build plate), FF Dreamer but not yet on my UM3 (only 150hrs on it still very new). But this is just my personal experience not a general observation/consensus. Since I know this will eventually happen I just got use to putting PVA slurry, use the gr5 and/or kmanstudios method if possible to have a thin but almost evenly coat. This will have less uneven surface on the bottom print as well as less sticking too well (the glue and print). Not to mention the glass surface pe
  8. With the Z stage, just add an extruder/nozzle and your back to 3d printer lol :D. Very interesting I've been wanting to build my on CNC but my wife dont want me to touch the side table in the kitchen. Clever name, quite catchy.....sounds like a pirate, parts were taken by pirate LimpyCNC from UM haha
  9. Hmm I thought the A1332 is the EoL item. I guess unless someone actually make a custom board for the IC it wont be a good option. Anyway, impatiently ? waiting for the AMT encoder to see how things would work. Still hope someone would chime in on my query above about the pinout. I mean the worst I can do is switch them but would be nice to get the correct one and not burn the board.
  10. Can someone correct me and help me confirm PINOUTS for Ultimainboard? First my assumption is this is i2C since 4pin, i2C and SPI seems to be interchanged on the other threads. SPI i think is better so 1 master but 4pin seem to indicate 5V, GND, SCL, SDA only. I hope not making an ASSoutUandME. I tried to trace the pins but I hit a dead end. from fabrc8 website I am thinking its this pinout but just assumption. I think the 5V and the GND is correct base on the PCB trace but not sure of SCL and SDA. Or I got this completely wrong. from U
  11. Kinda looks like your avatar kmanstudios just less hair ? Amazing looking forward to the painted version.
  12. Thanks @Daid one of these days I will need to talk to you on getting the jedi-marlin code but I am waiting for the a new FW (in case its coming next month just speculating ? ). I think gr5 gave me the May version of marlin and thats what I am working on (crossing fingers).
  13. If I can have access, probably we can just 3D print it. I got a adapter print to attached the polybox bowden to the extruder. It can easily be adapted to hold the sensor. But dont know where to buy it. And schematic wont be available any time soon unless you already have it ? btw @Daid have mentioned i think on his Day4 Thread for the UM3 is that only the remains of the code are their but the main issue was mechanical. Tho I hope they dont re-purpose the port to the temp sensor they planned to measure room temp. Or maybe I misunderstood that part ? Getting hands dirty i
  14. I would love that there would be a direct plugin to our UM3 but considering the S5 is not using the ultiboard 9correct me if I am wrong). It could be processing power that is preventing efficient way of implementing it in UM3. I could be wrong so really an official word would be nice. For now, I need a kick on the back to start working on my code to use foehnsturm sensor on UM3. It would be nice if I actually have good coding skills ?
  15. As you may have already read on the forum/community Ultimaker dont give parts list and BOM till 1yr of release. Also I dont remember any distributor/reseller selling this part separately so we wont know at this time. However, there are those who have both S5 and UM3 maybe they can test. But considering that S5 have a different board I dont think it will be optimized for use in UM3. There is also what UM3 team mentioned that they did not find its reliability up to standard which could me that if they were indeed developed in parallel and if they have the same sensor then you will ha
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