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  1. I tried to modify the gcode of a print, to change the printcore at some point in the print. I sliced with AA.8 printcore first an at a hight of .2 eachlayer. Then I used a pligin to change the filament at layer 35. which was 7mm hight. Then I edited the gcode and cut everything after the plugin indication. Then I sliced everything with .25 Printcore and layers of .05mm placed a plugin to stop to change material at layer 140 or 7mm. Edited the gcode and cut away all up to the plugin indication. Copied what was left and past it at the beginning of the other print.
  2. I want to print this as a mold for a silicon part. I got the tree AA Nozzles. I'm pretty sure that if I printed with PLA .25 Nozzle an layers off .05. It will be great. But what,if I use the same height but with a .4 or .8 nozzle. Do you think that it will give me the same detail inside. thank you. Tonydg. 3dPrinted Ins Mold 18-8-11.stl
  3. Thank You; I have printed in a vertical way. Gotet much better, At list know I have the reference to drill it to the exact size. Thank a lot
  4. Thank You; I have printed in a vertical way. Gotet much better, At list know I have the reference to drill it to the exact size. Thank a lot
  5. I'm Trying to print a part with small holes .7mm D with UL3 and PLA. Can someone help me? GET SILICON MOLD FRONT 18-6-16.pdf
  6. I have tryed to use the Cura 3.3 with my UM3 and PLA. But the 2 or 3 prints did not stick to the bed fro some reason. I went bacck to the older one and perfect. Also I did not understand the Monitor. Thank you
  7. How can I send a signal to pause the UM3 if end of material. Thank you Antonio Domit
  8. I have tried it. It prints great. but when you want to change or unload the material it keeps clogging every time and it was very hard to clean it. So, I return it. And bought the .25 from ultimaker, it works great. And I’m buying the .8 now
  9. I got it and it was ok while I'm printing. But as soon as I start a new print it's clogged, and I must take everything apart, because the filament won’t go in or out. I think there is a defect in it. It’s to bad. I would love to be able to change the nozzles.
  10. I'm using solex with .25 on the bay number 1, And I was thinking to put another solex with nozzle .25 for BB. But I read that it will drip. Another question. if I use the solex I get an error massage from the machin, is there a way to solve that. Can I use the nozzles forUM 2 with the solex printcore for UM3 Is there a phone number where I can contact you? Thank you Antonio Domit
  11. I have an UM 3 and have tried everything to clean print core 3, I even got the cleaning material and broke inside of the core when pooling it. Which made it worst. So, I had to take apart the print core. I didn’t damage anything. But I’m still not with the problem. I was thinking to heat the nozzle and try to clean it. I bought some drill bits in internet .4 to try with that. But I think it would be so much easier to change that nozzle and put a new one. But I can’t find anyone that sells them the only solution I found is to buy a different print core. Form SOLEX and buy their replaceable nozz
  12. I got the same problem. I don't think that the PVA works. I been asking to the support with out any solution. I been trying to work with it for a month without lock. and now it is completely jammed. And the solution of ultimaker is to send them my BB to try to unjammed. I'm very disappointed.
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