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  1. Thanks, yes that's the part I was missing (remove the model and reload a new one)
  2. Ah ok, that makes sense. In reality I guess I could easily use the default material profiles and tweak like you do, however i would prefer to keep being able to use different print profiles as then its easier to switch between them. Unfortunately as you have found UM development have a bad habit of messing this part up and quite often upgrading the Cura version spams custom profiles and sometimes, most annoyingly, it just messes up a few settings rather than them all !!!!!, so its really hard to detect until you see something odd in the print !!!
  3. How do you use project files over material profiles ?, can you explain? I have various slicing profiles and material profiles, how do project files replace the combination of slicing with for example PETG and two different quality settings ?
  4. Thanks for checking but the issue occurs when you create a new material profile in 4.3, then upgrade to 4.4 and somethings get broken. Bit of a nightmare as it's happened before when upgrading.
  5. No, you are still using a material profile from ultimaker (black CPE in the screen shot), I get the problem when I use my own material profile for a different PETG. Its fine when I use the UM CPE just like you have.
  6. PLA associations are ok, CPE are broken..., i can still see my custom profiles are there are now zero default profiles for CPE with me materials.... not great
  7. there seems to be that something has broken with the material associations in this version, my cpe profiles are based on the default CPE profiles, but now the association is broken, this happened with the move to 4.3, very annoying as to get the association back i have to delete my profiles and reduplicate from default CPE and start again.
  8. no, it has somehow got confused and cuased them all the be greyed out, i cannot even see any of the default profiles, all the UM defaults have gone too for any nozzle size ! 😞
  9. 4.4 has now lost the ablity to pick profiles from the drop down !, you cant see or pick them
  10. Interested to know what has changed in these profiles over the normally supplied profiles. For example what makes the 'visual' 0.15 layer height better than the previously default 0.15 layer height default profile. I have created all my own profiles for accuracy and visual quality (I don't care about speed), so I am interested to see if these new profiles can improve on mine and more what they have tweaked to get improved quality for example.
  11. Haha, yes, I updated the first post to say it was a false alarm !!, turns out when the person in question said 'printer' they meant inkjet not 3d printer!!!!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
  12. Hi, it's not a problem with it not powering on, it was powered off (at the switch on the back of the printer) and have been told it started doing something on it's own for a short time. Without any interaction from anyone or the power switched being moved to 'On'
  13. Hi, My s5 was powered off and someone who was in the room with it said it came on, made some noises (lights came on), then after a short time went dormant again?! Does it perform some sort of self test/update on it's own?. Strange ! Sorry, scrub this, misunderstanding from the person in the room πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„
  14. Thanks, just checked the price of the CC core !, over Β£320 !, ouch, that's expensive!, I am sure it used to be less than this ?!
  15. I see a few places are selling metal infused filaments, Colorfab for example do a copper and a steel infused filament. I am thinking about give them a try on my S5, has anyone tried them ? I am assuming the CC ruby nozzle will be ok and also the standard hardend extruder the S5 has should be good to go ? Cheers
  16. Does anyone routinely clean the part cooling fans on the S5 ?, my old 2+ used to collect quite a bit of dust over time on the fans, i assume the S5 would be the same, however there appears to be no simple way to clean then, and no mention of this requirement in the maintenance schedule.
  17. Has anyone tried using the Linear Advance plugin on the S5 ?, i have seen it in the market place and quite interested.
  18. This makes more sense now, I was on 5.4 and must have flashed 2.11 back, will check the version numbers later. Not sure why my printer didn't prompt me to roll back. 5.4 is badly Brocken. It dragged the print nozzle accross the bed and dropped the bed at high speed into the end stop !!!, That should have never been released !, Just lucky my printer isn't damaged !!
  19. Not sure I follow, I wasn't prompted to do a update. I just reinstalled whatever UM gave me when I said install latest. Are you saying this is back to a older version ?
  20. i dont have the older version, is there somewhere to get those (incase it goes bad again)
  21. i am not sure you can downgrade the FW, is this possible ?
  22. update, @SandervG suggested re-install the firmware, did it via USB this time, that seems to have fixed it, will check on a couple more prints. Thanks to @SandervG !
  23. also, when its sitting in the cooldown phase, print core 2 heats up and then cools down !!!, someting is very wrong then if i wait around 5mins the print head homes and the print finishes
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