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  1. Thanks, what you advise to set the min wall flow too ? Also do you tend to disable overlap compensation todally, what are the downsides of this ?, what is it meant to do when working properly ?
  2. Hi, I have been printing some parts with large rounded edges, these are shells and just two lines wide (using a 0.8 nozzle), i have been getting some random artifacts on the inside and outside of the curves, after plenty of messing about and reading other people seeing the same thing (these artifacts only appear on the curve), it turns out its to do with Compensate Wall Overlaps, if i disable this the artifacts go away. I came across this thread by @smartavionics where it seems Compensate Wall Overlaps is kind of broken and wont be fixed https://github.com/Ultimaker/CuraEngine/issues/577 What do people tend to do with this, if i disable it on small parts i get stringing etc due to the extra material deposited at the overlap site, however on larger parts with curves i get artifacts with it turned on. I am looking at other alternates to these artifacts but simply turning this feature off solves it, maybe my max resolution was too high as per my other thread ?, there are plenty of threads online around Cura and external artifacts on curves, sounds like something is amiss https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/4860 would really appreciate some advice/thoughts Thanks
  3. great explanation, thanks !
  4. What should the Max Resolution be set to in Cura (its location in experimental settings), the previous version of Cura (3) would set this to something small like 0.05 i think it was for my 2+, but now the defaults for my new S5 in Cura 4 are over 1, 1.25 in fact !, what should this be ?, i did read someone from UM saying there were some crazy values being set here but what is (roughly) the correct value for this ? thanks
  5. Thanks, I think I will see if I can get a good price on a CC based on just having purchased the S5 and being a repeat customer of retailer 👍🏻
  6. Indeed, you are right, i would def prefer to buy a UM product knowing it will be optimised from a Hardware perspective. How has it worked out in terms of profiles with the CC core on PLA for example, can you literally just set PLA as the material and select the CC core and it will (i assume) use the 0.4 nozzle temps and retraction settings ?
  7. Seems strange UM are concerned about developing a profile but realistically moving from a 0.4 to a 0.6 isn't reinventing the wheel, couple of minor tweeks really in temperature. Seems a odd reason to not provide the 0.6 core. Do you have a CC for printing PLA ?, how does it perform ?, i assume you need a tad more heat with the Ruby nozzle ?
  8. i would obviously prefer to purchase a genuine UM core but as others have said the CC is very expensive and could only be justified if you had to print abrasive materials. I don't need to do that so it feels like a waste of money, not to mention i am sure i read UM saying if you want to print normal (non-abrasive) materials they recommend a normal core. I don't understand why UM don't produce a 0.6 for normal materials, it's just pushing business to 3Dsolex !
  9. yes, i have a printed torque wrench 🙂 I was going to ask if anyone had used different size cores for printing the part and the support, for example a 0.8 PLA core and a 0.4 PVA, i have a 0.8 BB which i got with the printer, but find the PVA not great on a 0.8 core, its a bit blobby, def more useable in a 0.4 BB
  10. I am in the UK but have found a place to buy them, does the core come with tools to change the nozzle ?, assume you just upper the line width for the 0.6 core and maybe a bit more temperature ? Thanks
  11. Having recently moved from a 2+ to a S5 I find I really miss the 0.6 nozzle, that seemed to be the sweet spot between 0.8 (not great for any level of detail of any amount of retraction) and 0.4. However for some reason UM don't provide a 0.6 core appart from the CC which is for abrasive materials. Has anyone used the 3D soles core ?, I assume that's my only option to get 0.6 as you cannot chance the actual nozzle on the UK cores ?
  12. Ok, thanks for clarifying, appreciated
  13. !!!!!!!!!!!!!, errr that isnt good, i am a big supporter of UM as i think their products are great, but that isn't good. We were meant to get a Ally plate, that got canned, then all new printers were meant to come with two glass plates, mine is only 2 weeks old and came with one, and now no sign of the second glass plate ?. without stating the obvious this is not a cheap printer........ !
  14. Hi, I recently purchased my S5, it came with a single glass plate, obviously no Aluminium plate, I completed the form to request the second glass plate a couple of weeks ago and heard nothing. I obviously spoke with the retailer in the UK and they just sent me the link to request the additional glass plate.... I haven't received a confirmation email stating the plate is on the way or anything to indicate what is happening, the page where you request the plate simply closes when you complete it with no confirmation it even went through. could someone update me on what is going on please ? @SandervG
  15. I have noticed there is a setting for Build Volume Temperature in Cura for my S5, what doe this control ?, i am not aware the S5 heats the build chamber as it doesn't have a lid. There is nothing in the Cura user guide about this... Thanks
  16. Interesting, thanks for responding. this seems to in contrast however to the very aggressive acceleration and jerk settings for travel, these are crazy high and really hammer the machine. If indeed the reason the max travel speed is 150 due to the print head weight the default jerk and acceleration settings should be adjusted (as they are more affected by a heavier print head, the max speed is only met after acceleration). I knocked mine back to way more sensible levels as the printer would actually shake ! Really Interested to hear from UM on this
  17. Hi, I am tuning my profiles for the S5 and whenever I try to set the travel speed to above 150 it goes red ?, could someone from Ultimaker please state of the Max Travel Speed of the S5 is indeed 150 or if it turning red is just a bug in Cura. @SandervGCould you please help, 150 is quit slow when traversing the entire plate with for example. Many thanks
  18. Thanks, I have just installed it and looked at the Gcode, it looks to do what is required, will try a print shortly. As you say it should be fixed in firmware. It's not possible to print PETG for example without extra offset so something is needed
  19. Following on from your concerns about how this new version would work and make processing of the new height slower by changing every instance of the gcode, are you happy with this version ?, is there any downsides to using this ?
  20. Yes, I can't see why this works the way it does, the way the 2+ primed was much simpler and less messy, just extrude a length of filament from a height, then retract whilst moving to the start of the print, the S5 method seems overly complicated and makes either a mess on the nozzle or across the bed. @SandervG could this be looked at,y S5 is better than my 2+ in all areas appart from this, this actually is not as reliable and clean as the simpler 2+ method. Thanks
  21. thanks, yes i think you are right. I do find that the priming options available on the S5 are not great, the blob does this and with no blob you get streaks of material dragged across the plate !
  22. Hi, I have noticed the silicone nozzle cover get some sort of crusty material in it around the nozzle, its brown in colour, any idea what this is ?, i have only had the S5 for 1.5 and only printed a few parts so would be surprised if the silicone cover was degrading already ??
  23. Link

    line width

    Interesting, How did you measure the nozzle, some sort of optical method ?
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