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  1. Did you ever solve this? Since the prior firmware snafu, I had my active leveling to always which was fine. Tonight I thought to myself, oh the latest firmware fixed that, so I changed my autoleveling to either weekly or automatic, I forget which, and I had the "press too close to the plate" issue. I only noticed because I had heard weird sounds coming from my printers extruder for core 2, and then when I looked at the plate, I realized that it was too close so the filament wasnt getting pushed through. Thanks in advance! Bobby
  2. First off, because of all the negative energy, I want to make sure I put some positive energy out there - I do want to thank everyone on this board and anyone from Ultimaker that did take the time to respond and read. Despite the issues with this firmware update - I am appreciative of the Ultimaker community - which was one of the reasons I bought mine. I'm glad that 5.2.11 is out - but truth be told, I'm scared to install it! Are there any specific notes on this incremental upgrade for which fixes it's supposed to address? Who's tried it and has it resolved your issues? THere's one post already that spoke to auto leveling being better. I wonder if it's addressed any of the G92 code, or calibration issues or for some - the wifi issues. Seems like some people are still expeiencing problems with wifi (which luckily I didn't have problems to the extent of others). Bobby
  3. Not to add fuel to the fire, but I just wonder how they tested this firmware. I just saw a post in the Cura forum that really looked like a firmware problem that had to do with offset and printing 10 mm above the bed (as has happened to me after the upgrade). The interesting thing is that actually when I only use a single extruder, I would argue my prints might actually look better than before. However, I do use a lot of dual extruder printing, which is a large reason I purchased the Ultimaker in the first place, and that’s where a lot of problems arise. That and active leveling which is the other feature I bought into. Seems that the idea of the only affected by 1% is maybe people don’t print in dual materials as often as I do? Perhaps they’re like the person in the Cura forum where they think its a Cura plugin incompatibility issue and not a firmware issue? It seems all these firmware issues are blatantly obvious and debilitating when it comes to dual extrusion and less obvious any maybe mildly annoying when it comes to single extrusion prints. Just to repeat and summarize my personal issues: - sporadically weird wifi connectivity issues, sometimes completely fine, and sometimes need to hard reset printer. Factory reset did nothing. - need to have auto level set to always otherwise the print messes up to start - any offset code in gcode doesn’t work - dual extrusion prints with support material is finicky compared to before (did a full core cleaning and service to eliminate other variables to print quality). With those considerations, I have been able to print again. I’ve had to throw out a lot of bad prints, maybe 50% or more. Reliability and quality being other reasons I bought my Ultimaker and have been a big fan of it until this snafu. But anyway, again as it related to the 1% comment sometime earlier in this thread, I would argue that it’s probably a mixture of people who don’t know that there are issues due to the feature sets they use, but are 100% apparent for anyone that does use those features. Bobby P.S. I hope the fix comes soon so instead of the chant of “blame the intern” it goes to “praise the intern!”
  4. Hi, This offset issue may be related to the new firmware? That’s when I noticed any offset related codes didnt work. Just an FYI as people (like me) who have updated the firmware have been having these types of issues more noticeable in things that require dual extrusion. Also I’ve had a similar issue because of the firmware and it still is an issue in older versions of Cura which is why i think it’s not a Cura issue, but a firmware issue. Bobby
  5. Ok, yay, another firmware bug. Seems like a lot of bugs as it relates to nozzle height... Anyway, for one of my files, I usually need to print with some support (PVA, Extruder 2, Core BB 0.4), but only use support touching the buildplate as opposed to everywhere. After a failed print, I assumed my PVA had absorbed too much moisture as it didn't seem to have printed any on the build plate and I thought it was grinding. I dried my PVA, and then started another print, same problem. When I watched it, I noticed that the problem wasnt that the filament was grinding due to moisture or anything like that - it was grinding because the nozzle was too close to the plate and not allowing for any extrusion to happen besides a super super fine layer that you couldn't see, but then did cause the filament to grind a bit and not advance. After a ton of troubleshooting, including another factory reset and Cura install for good measure, I thought I'd print one with extruder 2 PVA support everywhere - printed totally fine. I will have to try again printing with "touching build plate" only again to see after this current print finishes, but let me know if anyone has found this to be true for them as well. Bobby
  6. out of curiousity, do people have any settings in their start gcode and ending gcode in machine settings? I just don't know what the default is, and want to make sure nothing is a hangover from a previous install. I have in my start G-code: G0 Z10 G92 Z10 And End G-Code it says: G91 ;Relative movement G0 F15000 X8.0 Z0.5 E-4.5 ;Wiping+material retraction G0 F10000 Z1.5 E4.5 ;Compensation for the retraction G90 ;Disable relative movement
  7. Hey all, I did have the similar floating print issue that @kevin-osborn had, but had to clear out Cura like he found out to fix it. So first off, thanks @kevin-osborn and everyone who contributed - it was driving me crazy for a bit especially since I was printing fine last night. I do have a second issue, wondering if anyone else has it. After a print either finishes or I cancel it, my printer is no longer found by Cura and I have to do a power cycle of the ultimaker and then go back into cura to connect to it. Does anyone else have this issue and/or does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Bobby
  8. hi exforma, Based on some of these posts I'm reading I start getting OCD about the potential for abrasive materials wearing out my feeder. In the meantime with the Bondtech - did you have to tweak anything in the Cura profiles? I found that my ultimaker default settings prints come out really nice, and then little tweaks here and there bring down the quality slightly (3rd party nozzle for instance). Just want to see your experience with the bondtech. I generally don't mess with my settings too much. Bobby
  9. Hi, I have a 3D Solex extruder for my UM3. Upon reading some of the threads related to the S5 coming out with the abrasive ready nozzles, and wondering why they were only for the S5, there were posts about the abrasive materials also potentially affecting the feeders. Since I am using some abrasive materials on my UM3 such as Glow in the Dark and conductive PLA, I have two questions: 1) Should I be worried about my feeder wearing out over time? 2) Is it something easily replaced? I've done searches for spare parts, but haven't found a site that sells specifically replacement feeder mechanisms for the UM3. Thanks in advance, and I apologize if I didn't search the forums or google thoroughly enough to have found the answer myself. Thanks, Bobby
  10. Gr5: Question - So, in the last week I've tried a couple things corresponding to modifying the gcode start as listed on another thread. I've done both .1 closer and .1 farther. There were some pros to cons to both, but actually the .1 closer was better in more ways. My question is this - making the nozzle even closer makes certain parts of the first layer, primarily the brim if I build it, transparent-ish. It was good in some ways because it made it even easier to remove the brim, but is there potential damage that I can do to my printer by printing this way? Will it make the filament grind more? is it bad for the nozzle? Is it bad for the printer? Thanks in advance! Bobby
  11. Cool, I think you're right about the closer being better than farther. I tried the gcode start up that moved the head -.1 away at start and it looked better but as it laid down I definitely felt the nervousness about stuff not sticking well. 95% of what I currently have is good, its just random times that it drags a little more on one part which creates like a dimple on the surface. But all things considered it really is like a 0.1% defect on an otherwise perfect looking print.
  12. just as another point of reference... Just the first layer - wnated to print a largeish flat area to take a look for inconsistencies as it always seemed like a certain spot. I think I made it worse with a manual level -_-
  13. GR5 - between a door for the front and those enclosures on the top, do you think that either is better or worse for PLA? I also wondered during the wintertime when the ambient temperature is a little cool whether or not it's better to have a little more heat trapped inside the printer? Thanks, BObby
  14. pbackx: Thanks for your solidarity in OCD-ness. I did see that thread, but haven't tried it out yet since took me a while to figure out where to add those gcode start settings. I've been using Ultimaker material, but I will definitely try some different filament that I just ordered. Just wasn't sure if it was something that I did inadvertantly that messed up my Ultimaker since I'm new to this. Sometimes it seems like that line teetering between too far and too close is small. I was watching the printer last night, and lines on the first layer started to curl up a little after they were set down and then pressed back down as it went back and forth. Also, the combing setting looked to be off by default, but you have definitely given me some extra stuff to try tonight! Thanks, Bobby
  15. Gr5 - Thanks for the input. I guess the photo just having a hard time showing any difference. It's easier to tell by the touch, the silver is glassy smooth whereas the red is rough. I'm definitely more on the close side, but I guess there's just such a small margin of error here. I think its just my OCD kicking in - thinking that I haven't done anything different since getting the UM3 and getting different results somehow. I also wonder if ambient temperature has anything to do with it has it has been a little bit on the cooler side lately, but again, just being OCD. All things considered my prints are coming out good. Bobby
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