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  1. hi exforma, Based on some of these posts I'm reading I start getting OCD about the potential for abrasive materials wearing out my feeder. In the meantime with the Bondtech - did you have to tweak anything in the Cura profiles? I found that my ultimaker default settings prints come out really nice, and then little tweaks here and there bring down the quality slightly (3rd party nozzle for instance). Just want to see your experience with the bondtech. I generally don't mess with my settings too much. Bobby
  2. Hi, I have a 3D Solex extruder for my UM3. Upon reading some of the threads related to the S5 coming out with the abrasive ready nozzles, and wondering why they were only for the S5, there were posts about the abrasive materials also potentially affecting the feeders. Since I am using some abrasive materials on my UM3 such as Glow in the Dark and conductive PLA, I have two questions: 1) Should I be worried about my feeder wearing out over time? 2) Is it something easily replaced? I've done searches for spare parts, but haven't found a site that sells specifically replacement feeder mechanisms for the UM3. Thanks in advance, and I apologize if I didn't search the forums or google thoroughly enough to have found the answer myself. Thanks, Bobby
  3. bsaygan

    Active leveling off? Over-extrusion?

    Gr5: Question - So, in the last week I've tried a couple things corresponding to modifying the gcode start as listed on another thread. I've done both .1 closer and .1 farther. There were some pros to cons to both, but actually the .1 closer was better in more ways. My question is this - making the nozzle even closer makes certain parts of the first layer, primarily the brim if I build it, transparent-ish. It was good in some ways because it made it even easier to remove the brim, but is there potential damage that I can do to my printer by printing this way? Will it make the filament grind more? is it bad for the nozzle? Is it bad for the printer? Thanks in advance! Bobby
  4. bsaygan

    Active leveling off? Over-extrusion?

    Cool, I think you're right about the closer being better than farther. I tried the gcode start up that moved the head -.1 away at start and it looked better but as it laid down I definitely felt the nervousness about stuff not sticking well. 95% of what I currently have is good, its just random times that it drags a little more on one part which creates like a dimple on the surface. But all things considered it really is like a 0.1% defect on an otherwise perfect looking print.
  5. bsaygan

    Active leveling off? Over-extrusion?

    just as another point of reference... Just the first layer - wnated to print a largeish flat area to take a look for inconsistencies as it always seemed like a certain spot. I think I made it worse with a manual level -_-
  6. bsaygan

    2+ front enclosure (door)

    GR5 - between a door for the front and those enclosures on the top, do you think that either is better or worse for PLA? I also wondered during the wintertime when the ambient temperature is a little cool whether or not it's better to have a little more heat trapped inside the printer? Thanks, BObby
  7. bsaygan

    Active leveling off? Over-extrusion?

    pbackx: Thanks for your solidarity in OCD-ness. I did see that thread, but haven't tried it out yet since took me a while to figure out where to add those gcode start settings. I've been using Ultimaker material, but I will definitely try some different filament that I just ordered. Just wasn't sure if it was something that I did inadvertantly that messed up my Ultimaker since I'm new to this. Sometimes it seems like that line teetering between too far and too close is small. I was watching the printer last night, and lines on the first layer started to curl up a little after they were set down and then pressed back down as it went back and forth. Also, the combing setting looked to be off by default, but you have definitely given me some extra stuff to try tonight! Thanks, Bobby
  8. bsaygan

    Active leveling off? Over-extrusion?

    Gr5 - Thanks for the input. I guess the photo just having a hard time showing any difference. It's easier to tell by the touch, the silver is glassy smooth whereas the red is rough. I'm definitely more on the close side, but I guess there's just such a small margin of error here. I think its just my OCD kicking in - thinking that I haven't done anything different since getting the UM3 and getting different results somehow. I also wonder if ambient temperature has anything to do with it has it has been a little bit on the cooler side lately, but again, just being OCD. All things considered my prints are coming out good. Bobby
  9. Hi all, I've had my Ultimaker 3 for a month now, and it's been amazing having one. So, generally very very happy. However, one weird thing - the prints that I was making out of the box at least with the first layer seemed immaculate, and now, I feel like I'm running into some inconsistencies in surface. Looking around the forums, I think it seems like my nozzle is too close to the plate potentially? Other people had issues with uneven glass, but since I was printing perfectly at the beginning and less so now, I just wonder what's changed? Here are some photos, the silver PLA is probably my 3rd print ever, and then the red is a print I did today. As I watch my first layers go down right now, they do seem to have the nozzle drag through which leads me to believe its too close. Active leveling perhaps not working quite right? Or differently than before? Thanks in advance! Bobby

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