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  1. Well done for the S5. Question concerning the "tough PLA". Will it suitable for former UM? I do have UM 2+.
  2. Whoww! Well done! Question though concerning your creative process. Are you scanning a initial object, refining with modeling cad ( ie meshmixer) or do you modelise in 3D from scratch? Or else? Just curious. On my side, I model all my creation with rhino. But my parts are not that complicated and detailed as yours. In next future, I would like to test this technique of 3d scanning, then rework, then print.let's see. Cheers daniel | bollicine studio
  3. right: 200h @ 20 swiss franc. Of course the rate I did set was "symbolic" here. hahahaha. The idea behind "turn an every day act into a chance to save a life" .... was the following: how many time do we spent 20 francs/ dollars/ pounds / etc for "stupid" things? the idea here was to spend these 20 $$.. in something meaningful. Amount was given to cancer research in the pediatric field here in Switzerland. So you have the full story now :-) cheers guys, I 'm quite new to the forum, but I'm amazed by the great stuff I could see so far. I 'll share some other stuff. daniel | bollicine studio
  4. In fact, I have kind of sold it. Not the product itself, but I have sold....the creative process behind it. my initial objective was to sell 200h at 20chf. At the end of the day, it went far beyond my expectation. I realised how people can be generous, particularly when they are reassured how their donation will be used. Total $$ that I collected was donated for a giveback initiative. "project name was: "makeitbold". Project scope: "turn an every day act into a chance to save a life." cheers, daniel | bollicine studio
  5. Whoww, Hopefully not too bad for the patient... But indeed, I'm as well interested in the "translation" between the MRI and stl. Cheers daniele | bollicine studio
  6. Thanks, I'm attaching few pics. You will find some answers to your question. basically, - I created a internal shell ( few parts that have been glue, screwed). This shell replaces the initial aesthetic cover of the machine. - I have slightly reworked the chassis of the machine, mainly to accommodate the button on the side. - Built up a support (wood) to strongly maintain the whole in place for the molding process - assembled the mold, mainly using MDF wood (straight). The frontal face has been printed to give the rounded shape. Tape has been used to coat the various MDF and mold parts to ease the unmolding phase. - created a cup support as well. You know devil is in the details :-) PS: I do have a long list of improvement point that would be needed to implement to make improved samples. Fact is that, I LOVE creating one sample ( let's call it prototype), the first one. Then, "replicating" it is not that much my main driver. I would love to share my work so that other can "steal like an artist" ( great book by the way) and make their own. Ill post more info soon. cheers. daniel | bolllicine- studio
  7. Hi, sometimes it might help to add artificially one additional layer, but without the shape of your middle hole in your case. Doing so the last layer will be processed from one end to the another without making the wall of your middle hole ( you will have to manually cut this out). Sometimes I do this trick. It helps for the aesthetically point of view, even though my prints are rarely used as aesthetically parts. Only for internal chassis or mould. hope this helps
  8. Hi, thanks for your message. Time flies.... :-) I think now its the right time to join the conversation as I build up some experience since then. I know where are my actual limits and will looking for advices to increase my skills. But I'm sure, I'll be able to give back some of my experience as well. I spent long time to test and run several 3D modelling CAD software to find out the most suitable software tool for me. I could finally buy and learn with Rhino. One year ago. I'm quite autonomous now:-) sketch, draw, print, learn and reload. For sure I'll share some of my work. For most of them, you will not see directly the printout as they are often used in internal chassis or for moulding, but I have some projects where the 3d printout will be visible and therefore I'll have to pay extra attention to it. For the concrete coffee machine, the original cover has been indeed removed. In addition, I have slightly modified the original chassis ( I had to move the coffee buttons originally positioned on the top, to the side of the machine) and rebuilt coffee button mechanism. The concrete cup is just for the picture. Not suited to drink from it. Cheers, daniele | bollicine-studio
  9. Hi guys, I'm new to the community. I'm enjoying my ultimaker 2+ since couple of year now. This machine is super great and I never stop experiencing to get the most of it. Not easy to follow up though with all the updates, new material and stuff. But love this. I' using mostly my ultimaker to build mold therefore I'm not that into the detail of the best finishing of my prints. I use mostly the most rapid execution possible. here an example of my recent creation. It's a fully functional coffee machine based on Nespresso Essenza mini. ( I Love coffee) I have created a concrete version of the aesthetical cover. The mold have been printed with PLA filament. I use mostly PLA, simple, no odor and stuff. There are plenty of question I do have and therefore I will be visiting and participating to the community. Sharing experiences to get the most of each is great. If you have any question, let me know cheers daniele | bollicine-studio
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