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  1. never mind it is solved in cura 4.3 😉
  2. When slicing in cura 4.2.1 my support is insufficient compared to cura 4.1 cura 4.2 cura 4.1 This results in bad looking prints what is wrong I tried different support setting even conical support but it keep unsupported overhangs.
  3. Sorry I don't know if that is possible I print over the network so I always open the 3fm files in cura. Usually I use them if I think we need to print the project more often. but you can give it a try
  4. under file there is a save button it will save the project as .3mf file You can open this project again in cura to print later or review settings.
  5. check the box on print thin walls and they should come back they disappear because they become too thin.
  6. We use basic painters tape for PETG works like a charm
  7. We had the same looks like the head is missing it position right at the start of a print. with calibration everything is alright but start a print and it is missing the switch by approx. 2 cm Today we installed the new firmware what solved it for us
  8. We had excactly the same thing but I believe it was caused by the head loosing its position. This was visible by it missing the switch for the second print core. even after calibration. It looks like it is solved with the new firmware for us. fingers crossed.
  9. solved the issue the problem was in the Jerk time it was changed when setting it back to original the time is within the 5% difference
  10. Nallath thanks for the reply but we are using an S5 so it should be correct right?
  11. I know it is just an estimate and when it differs like 5% or so oke but now we were making a print that should take (according to cura) 7h 22 min but it actually took 9h 16 min. And this was 1 single model nothing special We see these differences only lately so i was wondering is there something i can do about that? is it time for maintenance or do i need to go back to cura 3.4?
  12. When we sent a Print from Cura to the S5 it always lies about 5% of the estimated time. so IE if it says 3 hours it will take 3 hours and 10 minutes, but lately it keeps on taking extra time even when looking in the browser it states i.e. finishes at 16:00 But if you look an hour later it will stat 16:30 and so on. we started a print to day around 8:30 it would take 7h and 22 minutes so it should finish around 16:00 But the time it finishes already run up to 17:00. In this way planning your prints is a pain in the @ss Do more pe
  13. make sure you check the box on keep disconnected faces
  14. I had this once but then the protected cover of the print head was ripped. now i don't know if the S2+ has the same cover, but it is worth looking.
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