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  1. Thanks for tip, I haven't tried messing with the wall count settings yet.
  2. Yes, but not a satisfactory one. I've discovered that the problem only arises when I print with a .2mm layer height. The issue doesn't occur with .15mm. Also, part geometry plays a large role and I'm not sure why. Curved surfaces on SOME of my parts come out like this at 0.2mm layer height, but not on others. It's really been a trial and error issue.
  3. I was able to reduce the antenna significantly by increasing the retraction distance (by 1 mm) and retraction speed (by 5) and lowering the temperature by 5 degrees. There were still a very few antenna, but significantly improved.
  4. IMG_7760.mov.zipHere is a video to show your team of what happens when you try to reconnect to wifi after a long print. In the video, an all night print has been completed and the S5 has been disconnected from wifi, preventing me from starting another print. But when I try to reconnect in the Network menu, I just get denied.
  5. I'm having the same problem with the insect antennae on my nylon prints. I've lived with having to clean them for a while, but I'm going to try messing with my retraction and temp settings...will report back.
  6. Thank you. I just lost my wifi connection (a regular occurrence) and immediately downloaded the log files, which I just sent to you. Kevin
  7. I also have the same problem with my S5. Is the development team working on this issue? I'm pretty much stopped using wireless altogether because it is unreliable. I'm fortunate that my printer is close to my Apple wireless router so I can use the ethernet cable, but that means I could not move the printer without significant wiring hassles. Also, while more reliable than wireless, the ethernet connection itself cuts out on occasion, especially after a long print job. When I try to re-engage the wireless connection in the printer's settings menu after it has cut out, the
  8. Does anyone have any ideas as to the causes of the visible layering in the picture? I'm using eSun PLA+ filament with the settings shown below and Ultimaker PVA (with built-in standard settings).
  9. I am getting stringing at nozzle temp 215 degrees with eSun PLA+ silver filament. The packaging recommended a sweet spot of 210-215 degrees. I'm going to try 208 on my next print. Other than a few rogue strings hanging off the print, they filament looks fantastic.
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