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  1. Anyone have thoughts or work arounds?
  2. I am using CPE+ and PVA. Generally I have been printing my supports from CPE+ entirely, but in order to get better results on complex support surfaces, I am trying to use PVA as the interface layers. This is causing issues because it does not bridge well at all on top of the gaps of the support below where the interface starts. For this reason I was hoping I could print the first layer of the roof with CPE+ then the other support roof layers with the PVA. Thoughts? Thanks!
  3. Maybe in cura there could be a "combine like materials" setting. This way, when the code is posted to the printer the firmware could interpret the material change. I am sure the material station works nearly exactly this way...its all the same computer/firmware, its just how it manages the materials locally to the printer. Much like pushing notifications to my phone when the filament runs out, this seems like an easy alteration to what already exists (push notifications to phone when job is done already exists). Material handling already exists on the firmware for the material station, effectively the printer without the material station has a material station of 2 materials...it is the same function. Shrug, you guys are busy working on things, you will eventually get it worked out. I know there is a potential that this functionality could reduce cash flow for you guys because the material station would lose sales if the printer could manage 2 materials without the station, but I hope that would not deter the option being added to the S5.
  4. I guess I figured it would know it ran out and that the other material is the same and go ahead and heat up that hot end and use all the same parameters and continue on.
  5. It seems like it should be an option on Cura 4.4 but I don't see it. If I load the same filament into both materials, it seems there should be a way for the UM5 to auto switch if/when filament runs out mid print. I would love to have this feature. we have ordered the material handling station but they have not actually released it yet...so I am stuck. We run 2x UM5s nearly 24/7. With the machines not pushing notifications to us that filament ran out, we have to keep a very close eye on things and I find myself with many almost out spools that I have to manage trying to find good times to use up. Thanks for any help on this...
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