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UMO+ ... are they on sale or has there been a price drop?

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I'm noticing the price on the UMO+ kit has dropped a lot!

I may have missed a news article highlighting a price drop, OR maybe it's a "limited time only" sale.

@sandervg which one is it? Dynamism could not answer that for me.

If it's a limited time thing I would like to know. thanks

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UM2 hotend on an UMO+. So far I'm just testing the um2 hotend with a real Olsson 1.75 + coupler from 3dsolex + 35W from 3dsolex + 30x30x10 fans from ultimaker distributor + some clone stuff. The fans are from the um2 model, not um2+, so imo they are a bit weak. Um2+ ones (as far as I saw from others posts) are better.

So far it works just great, I'm quite impressed with the hotend. I don't like the fans power (and this fan cap it's from a china cloned that it's horrible, so I need to print one from Izzy, labern or someone). But I wanted to test some basic stuff:

- The um2 1,16-1,20 long cables will work and reach the umo+ board.

- The bed print area can be improved changing the slideblocks (untested but seems like it's posible to gain almost a 1cm on x at least, on y I'm not so sure yet)

- It prints quite amazing this olsson block. Specially with an experimental fixed spacer from anders.

I wrote most of my initial test on a conversation here:


Anyhow there's more stuff I can't / haven't test:

- Um2+ feeder geared motor seems quite impressive and with @meduza initial design it should work. (I want to get some time to mod his design so it can carry the cables also like I do on my IrobertI holder.


- Umo+ sliderblocks to use umo+ or um2


It's a initial design that I haven't test it yet, I'm doing more updates to the design today and tomorrow so it has a better grip on umo+ shafts. But it will take me time to test it, and more since I don't have the um2 shafts. But anyhow I wan't to install my design to make it work.

So on paper, it must work. Also I found a perfect PID for the 3dsolex 35W heater and it's really really constant & stable. Posted it here:



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It is the new price :)


So what makes it + model?



It has the UM2+ electronics, which does away with any thermocouple amplifier boards on top of the head. Also the exact same heated bed in the UM2, new z motor with an integrated lead screw. Also lots of added safety feature thanks to the CE compliance. So another layer of lasercut wood around the extruder gears preventing pinched fingers and a nice metal fan shroud that also surrounds the hot end.

You can see the features on the product page. It is really a deal. it also means you are now able to do any of the UM2 mods people have come up with, including the 2+ extrusion upgrade kit. Neotko knows a thing or two about that!

Ultimaker Original Plus

2+ Extrusion Upgrade Kit

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