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How to enter the world of Tinkergnome firmware?

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I have a Ultimaker 2+ and I'm running Cura 2.1.2 on a Windows machine. I want to upgrade to the Tinkergnome firmware mostly because having more info on the LCD sounds great. Two questions before I go down this back alley:

  1. What is the easiest way to upgrade the firmware? It sounds like using the older version of Cura and choosing install custom firmware is straightforward. Is there a better way without having to install that older version?
  2. What are the possible repercussions? Will it be a case of horrible prints, or if something goes awry, is there possibility to damage parts of the machine. Since it has been out since April, I assume it's been used enough, but I just want to know what I'm getting into.

Thank you all in advance!

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On Cura version 2.1.3, I simply swaped the shipped firmware with the firmware i wanted to get flashed.

In my case, i'm using OSX and the Cura app comes with a directory containing the firmwares:



I wanted the latest tinker firmware fetched here.

Simply replaced my version of the firmware for my machine:


  1. Make a bakup of the shipped firmware:
    $ mv /Applications/Cura.app/Contents/Resources/cura/resources/firmware/MarlinUltimaker2plus.hex /Applications/Cura.app/Contents/Resources/cura/resources/firmware/MarlinUltimaker2plus.hex.backup


  2. Copy our new firmware to replace the shipped firmware:
    $ cp -v  ~/Downloads/Tinker-MarlinUltimaker2plus-*.hex /Applications/Cura.app/Contents/Resources/cura/resources/firmware/MarlinUltimaker2plus.hex


  3. Update the machine using Cura:
    Cura > Extentions > Firmware > Update Firmware


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There is not:


There is a plus and a dual but not both.

I recommend you go with the iroberti feeder option and also strongly consider the meduza upgrade at the same time.  tinkerMarlin lets you change steps/mm (but you can't go negative).

3dsolex has all the parts for the meduza kit but it's not on sale still at his store but if you email him he might send you one.  Or you could get one from my store (I don't ship to germany from store normally but just email me and I'll send you a paypal request - these are very inexpensive kits):

photo assembly guide: http://gr5.org/med/

The kit in my store (until 3dsolex sells these I'll ship international if you email me):


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Wow thanks a lot that's really an option! I consider buying this in combination with the bondtech dual drive (like neotko uses them for 1,75mm, but in 2,85mm). As the bondtech parts are quite expensive I might machine them by myself.

But before I get to the feeders I have to finish my dual printhead. It's almost done, I just have to rethink the heat brake..

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@MTG you could just install the dual non extended plus of tinkergnome and edit the settings from the ultimaker. Afaik @tinkergnome firmware allows you to edit x/y/z size, steps, etc. So it shouldn't be much of a problem.

The feeder 'reverse' is quite easy to change the cable. Ofc... well umm I see that could be a problem I suppose?

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That will work too, didn't think about that. Changing the cable is no problem, the question is how much will the + feeder cost and do they sell it to me in Germany.. and even the geared feeder is not that good, for example for flexible filaments..

But if it's not that expensive I will just buy a plus feeder I guess..

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Someday soon I'll work on a bondtech adapter for um2+ feeder. But atm I'm on just the drawing board and it would need a custom cnc shaft to fit it.

Inhave much to do still to start that but the idea was posted here:


Ofc if I design it (time will tell) it will be a much more enclosed feeder, probably the inside will be like my FatIRobertI design. And so far flexibles work:


I want to do this to reuse the um3 feeders and change them to a cheap bondtech, good stuff they sell their gears alone now.

But again no promises, is early to tell when I will do that, but since I need it I will do it :D (unless someone does it first)

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