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Need help for Material Feeder assembly problem for UMO+

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I have put the feeder together, the first problem I got is that the outer gear engraved with extrude is touching a screw head of part 10D. So I assembled the material feeder again after pushing ball bearing and 8mm nut a bit further.

Then the second problem I am getting now is that the wooden gear does not make full contact with the plastic gear on the motor shaft, there is about 3 to 4 mm gap.

Any suggestions?

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Hi tommyph1208 and gr5

Please check pictures. I have another issue, I tried assembling and disassembling the feeder few more times last night and I broke the pin (picture is attached). do you know where can I get this pin?


Haha, that "gear" is not going to get you far ;)

Ok back to serious...

The pin itself can be printed, or you can replace it with something that serves the same purpose of holding the hubbed bolt in place... its ability to do that is more important than its specific shape.

Regarding the gear scaping up against screws on 10D... the assembly instructions say 2x washers in between gear and 10D, do you have that?


For the gears not touching, the motor should be able to slide back and fourth in its mounting holes to form good contact before tightening the screws...

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Thanks tommyph1208,

I know about function of the pin which I broke. I was looking for a circlip to mount on it.

Washer between cap nut and normal nut is a good idea :)Thanks.

I will try this today and see if it works. Thanks for your help :D

the image posted above is not of my design... it is taken directly from the UMO assembly manual...

I was just looking today at common objects you may already have that could serve as a substitute for the broken pin...

I think you will find that the thumb-pin (blank part) of a medium sized bulldog clip like this one, will do the job nicely:


I use those to hold up the collars of my bowden push-fittings (the umo comes with a little plastic piece for this), I think they would be the right size, have low friction, are chep and easy to come by and are easy to grab and bend to get them on and off

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Btw.... Why dosn't your gear have any teeth?

It does, what you're looking at is the "cover plate" on top of the gear. This is to comply with certain regulations which require you to protect fingers from moving parts. Look closely at the image at the top right and you'll see the gear.

Aaah, how fancy :p

Those things were NOT around back when I got my printer ;)

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@vitt1812 - I broke the same black part (it's laser cut delrin). You could make one if you have a makerspace nearby but what I did was find a piece of plastic toy/junk that should have been thrown away long ago but that had a flat surface and was about the same thickness as the black part. I then just drilled a hole the right diameter and then cut it with strong shears (scissors) into the aproximate correct shape. It's ugly but it works. Once printer is working of course you can 3d print that part. Probably. It needs to be hella strong.

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gr5 - I have used a m8 washer between the gear and cap nut, as mentioned by tommyph1208.

and also I removed the top plate which is engraved Extrude. now things are okay. I can see gears mating quite well.

I also found a perfect size of a plastic washer at my work place, cut a bit of plastic piece from one side to fix it in the place of plastic clip. it works like a charm. now it looks like it is complete. I will post couple of pictures.

Thank you guys for this help.

This community was also one of the reason to buy Ultimaker   :D

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Hi Guys,

I have attached pictures of the material feeder.

IMG_5700.thumb.JPG.36d92497d67385aec52081c27194fd3a.JPG IMG_5701.thumb.JPG.c0236a30e8c0e2e58875a129afd9997f.JPG IMG_5702.thumb.JPG.080422f360383a87685b5c7b9baea2a2.JPG

Now I am getting a problem with the plastic part not giving enough pressure to the filament.

If I hold it with my fingers tight enough then it works.

What do you suggest, I should do to add more pressure on the filament?

Thanks in advance for your help. :)




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Check this video. Also you have 1 missing peace on the feeder assembly (that I don't know why isn't explained on the manual) Edit: Yea it's explained on the manual, Step 7 page 76. They say "Place the delrin clip on the groove of the hobbed bolt." anyhow it's a really bad explanation without any image on the assembly diagrams.

Check Minute 4:00-ish


You will see on the video that the feeder knurled bolt has a plastic 'thingy' called 'Delrin Clip' it's purpose it's to keep the knurled bolt in place so it doesn't slip on retracts.

This guys


Have 'duplicated' the old (and now removed into oblivion) ultimaker wiki. You don't need to read Russian, but check the images. Anyhow on their images they use umo (not plus) and umo plus has one extra peace of wood. If you check it you will guess where's the problem.

Also, very important, check the video, the part that they 'open the clamp' and close it. Check and view the minute 04:52 of the video.

EDIT 2: Oh I see you have a delrin clip right? It's a different design of what I seen. It seems that also it's pushing 'in' the bearing. You might need to realign the bolt so that doesn't happens, or the bearing will give trouble.

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Thanks neotko.

First thing I broke my Derlin pin so I added a plastic washer (it works good holding the knurled bolt in its place.) yes as you mentioned it might push the bearing I will pint a new Derlin clip as soon as the printer starts working this is just a small hack.

I think the video will be helpful as I can see how it is setup. The pin which slides down to lock the plastic assembly is what i did not do.

Thanks I will inform about what happens after the setup. :)

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