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Ultimakers problematic aftersales support

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I got my first Ultimaker in April 2012. Ever since that I've promoted the brand for it's brilliant machines and excellent service. I've given advice to libraries, schools and science museums across all of Norway to by an Ultimaker since it's "easier to maintain" and requires less maintenance than other machines. I don't know how many machines Ultimaker have sold based on this, but my guess would be at least 50 or maybe many more? I will never know, but the early adopters asked me for advice since I was visible in media promoting 3D printing.

The shipping on spare parts were always expensive, but hey - you could get any part you needed within two days. That's worth the cost of DHL to many, but that no longer possible. Our 3 Ultimaker Original's needed an upgrade. I needed two heated beds, an Ulticontroller and some other spares, but since one can no longer purchase these things from Ultimaker, I had to purchase it from other vendors around Europe that claimed to have them in stock.

I ventilated my frustration here on the forums, but users like @meduza, @neotko, @Dim3nsioneer, @ultiarjan, @DidierKlein and several others chipped in. They all said that I should just order from those that listed the parts and get them to ship it.

Now here's the problem: I did this the same day and it's now a month since that post. The heated beds arrived, but all the rest ordered from Crea3D in Italy is still missing. Since I heard nothing from them, I sent them an email asking what was wrong and this is the answer I got:


THIS is exactly why I think it's a bad idea to not sell the spare parts directly... Crea3D sold me something they didn't have and then they just shut up and thought I wouldn't notice? Come on...

Someone from Ultimaker - please tell me that you have a solution to this:

1. Resellers must never list items that cannot be sold

2. I really need an Ulticontroller since the SD card slot on the one we have is broken.

The SD slot used on the Ulticontroller is rather difficult to get hold of from sources like Farnell and Mouser, we cannot repair it and we need a replacement. (it's inverse compared to the normal SD slots?)

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I'm afraid you're not the only one with frustrations on spare parts.

And although the processing speed when Ultimaker sold parts directly was not always the best, for some parts it can still take a long time, probably even longer.

It's my impression the Ultimaker supply chain is pretty time consuming, re-sellers getting stuff from country distributors,getting stuff from Ultimaker....

fortunately some re-sellers keep stock of most of the smaller spare parts, Makerpoint in the Netherlands has a pretty decent stock, but also they don't have everything.

I do think for stocked parts, at least in the Netherlands, the delivery time is pretty ok now.

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Yea Ultimaker wasn't fast when it was possible to order from them, except for some key components they could take 2-4 weeks to prepare an order.

@jenschr the thing is that for the parts you needed SHOULD be available. But for example you could just not buy the Ultimaker version of the controller and get a much cheaper panel to control the UMO (same connectors plug, and you can print your own case), is called 'RepRapDiscount Full Graphic Smart Controller' and it use to cost 25€ or so, you only need a new firmware that, for example, you could build it for your UMO on the fantastic @amedee firmware builder https://bultimaker.bulles.eu

The thing is, that the Ulticontroller comes with the UMO+ and it should be available to buy, at least the board without the wood case (that you could also design your own).

I get your pain, and I'm here just to try to help users (and because I lov 3dprinting). So, get a reprap discount full controller, or, ask to your reseller for the ulticontroller board, alone, they MUST, have it, or be able to order it by their internal channels, the part number is 1146 Ultipanel Rev 1.1 like the UMO+ github shows https://github.com/Ultimaker/Ultimaker-Original-Plus/tree/master/1146_Ultipanel_Rev_1.1

UMO+ and UMO use the same ultipanel, and with a custom firmware both can use the Cheap Reprap controller (has also SD Card and buttons etc). So hopefully with this you can get your printers working!

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