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The Mark2 Dual Extrusion Project Contest


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Posted · The Mark2 Dual Extrusion Project Contest

In just a few days we will publish the Mark2 magnetic tool changer project. Everyone who currently owns an Ultimaker 2(+) will be able to upgrade it to a powerful dual extrusion machine, which provides print quality like e.g. the UM3 or BCN3D Sigma.


To celebrate the Mark2 release we arranged a special competition for you:



The Mark2 Dual Extrusion Project Contest



Share the most interesting project you need dual extrusion for and you cannot print now. Make a brief description and also some sort of drawing / concept. It can be 2D drawing that shows the idea or a CAD drawing. It is up to you to decide what gets the best message across.

The participant with the best idea, presented in the most original way will win an Ultimaker Extrusion Upgrade Kit and can instantly start the Mark2 upgrade.

The winner will be selected by the Mark2 co-developers and beta-testers.

Showcase your proposal in this thread. You are allowed to enter more than one project and also to discuss and revise your entries as long as the contest is running.


Deadline: Please publish your ideas until Sunday, May 21 2017, 12 pm




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Posted · The Mark2 Dual Extrusion Project Contest

and you cannot print now

So the competition is not open for us with UM3's then? :p

hint..... the Mark2 can do things the (standard) UM3 can not.. like changing nozzles... so you may want to use this.....

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Posted (edited) · The Mark2 Dual Extrusion Project Contest

I was thinking along these lines, quite a nifty design. Famous authors too! See github for designs:


I am currently not able to print an this design, and I would very much like to, because without I cannot use the upgrade from this contest to print dual extrusion! 8)

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Posted (edited) · The Mark2 Dual Extrusion Project Contest

Bump, we need more serious entries here! I mean I would love to win this, and see if I can hack it onto an UMO, but I'd need so much more stuff. Basically twice the extruder+hotend set.  And perhaps other electronics(running UMO and a HBK board).

So BUMP, get your game on people, there was so much interest, and now I am the only one "competing" with a fun entry!

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Posted · The Mark2 Dual Extrusion Project Contest

Hello guys,

First of all, congratulations to the developer for this dual extrusion upgrade for the UM2. I really appreciate your effort!

Now to my contribution for the contest. Some months ago, I started a build of an A330 home cockpit. Some years ago, I did not get the chance to become a real commercial pilot. As I am now an aerospace engineer I want to satisfy my desire to fly an airliner (only virtual).

The picture below shows the status of the cockpit (very basic until now). To save costs, I want to print most of the parts on my UM2. Because a lot of parts are visible or will be touched during the operation, a clean and smooth surface is a must. Therefore, a dual extrusion with the possibility to print PVA support would bring my project a step forward.


Two examples for my application:

1. Currently I can only control the aircraft via the pedals. But in the real A330 the ground steering is done with a so-called tiller. On Thingiverse is already a model of such a tiller available (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1592935). To realize a smooth surface, because you touch this every flight, I want to print this with PVA support.

2. The Flight Control Unit (FCU) which controls the autopilot is bought. It can be seen at the top of the main panel in the picture above. Unfortunately, the size of the knobs is far off and I want to replace them with some with real measurements. I already got a photo and the exact size from a real A330 pilot (photo below).


I think during my build I will have a lot of other applications for the dual extrusion.



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Posted · The Mark2 Dual Extrusion Project Contest

The final verdict from @RudyG wich makes us more than happy :)

If you have a UM2, and want a second head (who doesn't?) this is the way to go!

Play safe, order the mark2 board, use a original UM2+ extrusion upgrade kit, and good quality magnets. (900grams pulling force, these are some strong magnets!)

And, to all the founders, contributors and beta testers, i can't tell you all how happy you guys make me. Support at the right moment, you got me true here. It feels like having an (even better with more possibilies) UM3, but for a much lower price.

So go ahead, take your chance to get the extrusion upgrade kit for free and showcase your ideas!

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    Posted (edited) · The Mark2 Dual Extrusion Project Contest


    Here is my entry for the contest:

    About a year ago I started playing airsoft (its like paintball without the paint) with a collegae of mine which has been playing for more than 10 years. I was hooked the first time playing. But I found out that there was a big problem a lot of players had and that the safety goggles where fogging up. And when they do you can't play anymore because there is no visibility.

    Some people clean the goggle in field which is very dangerous, so I started asking around and looking on the internet for anti-fog protection goggles without succes. Than the idea hit me that in every car the rear windshield is electrically heated with resistance wire. So I thought about using that for my own goggle design.

    There was another problem that I have prescription glasses for far sight and they also would fog, so I had to integrate them.

    I made a frame with 3 layers of glass the first layer was the glass from a Bolle X1000 protection goggle which I digitized  using a lot of photos in autodesk memento which creates a 3D mesh model. The second layer are the prescription glasses and the last layer is a peace of acryl which was laser cut with small holes on the edge to put the resistance wire in. That all is mounted in a 3D printed frame of PLA.




    In the first field test it worked perfect no fogging issues anymore, there is only one problem with the PLA 3D printed frame that is not very comfortable on my face due to the stiffness of PLA. And also printing in PLA with the large overhangs creates messy prints which can be seen on the top left side of the picture below.


    So it would be nice to be able to print it in a flexible material but for that  i would need also PVA due to the large overhangs. Which I'm now not able to do with my UM2. So I definitely going to mount the Mark2 kit if I win it or not.

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    Posted (edited) · The Mark2 Dual Extrusion Project Contest

    Hello everybody

    First of all I would like to say a big compliment to this great invention, good job (thumbs up).

    Now I present here my project, in which I could use a Mark2 Dual Extrusion very well. My English is not so good (Google helps), so I try to show it better with some pictures.

    Info first:

    - My father passionately likes Go Kart and for that we have made some tuning parts with my UM2.

    - The construction plans in the pictures come from different spare parts catalogs, so the item numbers are different.


    This project was about improving Go Kart performance. The membrane is an important part of the system. In this case, it was important to ensure that the geometry has a wave shape without edges (see the 2 rectangle) so that the gasoline can flow cleanly (see arrows). More faster and without disturbing is better.


    Here are some pictures, CAD and printed membranes.  



    In addition, seals and a plate had to be designed and adapted.

    Now a few pictures so you can see where these membranes, seals and the plate are installed.



    Pos. 34 + 35 are now 3 pieces (membrane, plate and seal)


    Now a few pictures of the single parts:

    Seal printed with Ninjaflex.


    Plate printed in PLA:


    Here you can see where all parts are mounted on the Go Kart:


    My father has tested the printed parts and the original parts on a long weekend and was very happy. In his opinion, the Go Kart with the printed part even ran a little better. Unfortunately, the design was not quite tight after a few laps the gasoline spurts out a bit, very fine splashes.

    The problem is that there is a very high pressure in the engine. The seals were probably pushed away from the printed plate (in the picture the plate is unfortunately aluminum because I can not find the printed plate atm). The red arrows show where the gasoline escapes.



    I would like to modify all parts and then print them in one piece. For this, the Mark2 Dual Extrusion would be the perfect solution. I could print the PLA and Ninjaflex parts in one piece. This one could prevent that no more gasoline can "drip" from the connections between plate and seals.

    I hope you liked my project and understand, what my problem was/is and how I would finish the project. Any questions?

    Thanks and regards


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    Posted (edited) · The Mark2 Dual Extrusion Project Contest

    I am a PhD student working at the University of Liverpool studying physics. My whole project is focused around designing, constructing and operating a novel detector for liquid argon neutrino physics. You can see a render of our experiment design below. Please see our website if you want more details http://hep.ph.liv.ac.uk/ariadne/index.html


    The difficulty with liquid argon experiments is that ultra high purity is required for the internal components as well as the ability to operate at cryogenic temperatures. These conditions are very demanding and list of materials we can use is similar to those certified for space flight. 3D printing is a big hobby of mine and I have been trying for a long time to integrate 3D printed parts into our experiment to save on the large costs associated with machining custom parts. In the past we have used some ABS printed parts but we always were concerned about outgassing, potentially harming our purity. ABS also has a relatively high CTE which limits potential applications. It has recently been demonstrated that it is possible to print PEEK using a modified ultimaker 2 (see https://ultimaker.com/en/community/21376-guide-printing-peek-polyether-ether-ketone-on-the-um2). PEEK is a very clean material and filaments are available with measured low outgassing properties, vital for maintaining a clean experiment. I propose that with the ultimaker mark 2 I will be able to design and build a custom toolhead dedicated to printing PEEK. Having a custom tool head gives me the flexiblity to design dedicated cooling systems and integrate the specialist hotends required for printing at the high temperatures PEEK requires. With the mark 2 upgrade I will still retain a separate toolhead that can be used for investigating soluble support material compatible with PEEK in the future. This setup would allow me to print objects in PEEK that cannot be made in our University workshop. This has the chance to create some really cool hardware and may even help us achieve our physics goals when our experiment is deployed to CERN next year.

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    Posted · The Mark2 Dual Extrusion Project Contest

    Ok, guys, here we go.


    First of all a big thank you to everone who participated and showed his ideas!

    Every entry presented some individual aspects, which the Mark2 co-developers and beta-testers especially liked. And - all of them showed useful, real-world applications, from a huge hobby project to hard core science. That's what pleases me most! With Mark2 you can do much more then printing nice but pretty useless, colored stuff.

    However there can only be one winner, which we hereby proudly announce:


    The go-kart air intake project

    It combines one of the core assets of 3D printing, quickly transforming design iterations into real parts, with tough operational environment. I think many guys here are really curious to see how the dual printed parts will perform, attached to a go-kart engine. So please keep us posted.

    Congratulations @pixl2 ! Please pm me your address details and I will send out the Ultimaker Extrusion Upgrade Kit immediately.

    Again, thanks a lot for all the interesting ideas!

    Really looking forward to see some of them realized with the Mark2 upgrade in the near future.

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    Posted · The Mark2 Dual Extrusion Project Contest

    Woow, thank you very much. I am so happy that my project has convinced you.

    I'm looking forward to the upgrade and of course, I report again as soon as there are news on this project.

    Many Thanks

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    Posted · The Mark2 Dual Extrusion Project Contest


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    Posted · The Mark2 Dual Extrusion Project Contest


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