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always rotating model by 90degrees in the same axis after open

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I think it has to do with how you export your model, and the point of origin is at the wrong/not where you mean it place. This point decides what is up and what is down in your model. How to change this 0,0,0 position may depend on what software you use. Do you design the models yourself, where this happens?

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Yes, this happens to me when I create things with Fusion 360. I could rotate them by those 90 degrees before they become a STL. (Or I could look into changing this in Fusion.) It is just strange that this 90 degrees turn seems to be needed for my parts 90% of the time. Since it does not matter, I should probably just 'rotate my thinking' when I start the object in Fusion. I was just wondering if there is a place for cura commands to be run during import. 


Thanks for getting back to me about this. 

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Something interesting to check is if rotating actually does the trick; it would be my guess that you have to rotate and mirror the mesh to get it to be the same as the original. The problem is actually not a rotation, but the swapping of the Y & Z axis (ie: which axis points upwards, Y or Z?).


I think a plugin could be created to do this swapping automatically (or with a dialog).

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The solution for dealing with this issue with Fusion 360 is fairly simple. 


For whatever reason Autodesk have chosen "Y-Up" as the default modelling orientation in Fusion 360.  That's despite all of the industries that I know using "Z-Up" (Z is the vertical axis in 3D space), and that includes Cura. So when you import your Fusion 360 model it positions the vertical axis in your model, which is the Y-axis, onto the horizontal Y-axis in Cura - and hence your model imports on it's side.


You can see what your current setting is if you look at the view cube in the top right hand corner where the axes are labelled.


There's an easy fix for this, and one that you do once and never have to re-orientate a model again.


Go to where your name is in the top right hand corner of the screen, click on the drop-down arrow to bring up the menu and select "Preferences".  On the Preferences window that opens up part way down there is a "Default modelling orientation" option where you can change from Y-Up to Z-Up (see the image attached), then click "Apply" and then "OK".  From then on every new model you create won't have this orientation issue - though the change will not change any old models you have created, or the one that you may be working on when you apply this change.


I hope that helps - I keep meaning to ask Autodesk why they use the Y-Up as default when everyone I know uses Z as the vertical 3D axis.  Making this change is something I get everyone to do at the start of all of the Fusion 360 training courses that I run. 

ATC File.jpg

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On 2/16/2018 at 2:45 PM, Andreasw said:

Steve this is perfect! It works great. Thank you. It seems that the preference change affects only designs during their creation. Going forward I'll save one step.Which is awesome. And I hope to remain thankful for your awesome explanation and documentation for a while. 

Glad that's sorted for you Andreas and that it will eliminate one step in the process of going from 3D model to 3D print

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I don't use Solidworks but I can see that it has the same issue where Y-up is the default setting.

Take a look at the two YouTube videos and the webpage link below to see if these help (it looks like you have to maybe create a new template for your designs to correct this problem in SW) :





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